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For the topic "Harm Caused by animals, what is the relevant governing statute?

Animals (Scotland) act 1987


what 3 things make a person liable for any injury or damage caused by an animal? Also remember to name the statute that your answers came from.

Animals (Scotland) act 1987
- Section 1 (a) at the time of the injury or damage complained of, he was a keeper of the animal;

-section 1 (b) the animal belongs to a species whose members generally are by virtue of their physical attributes or habits likely (unless controlled or restrained) to injure severely or kill persons or animals, or damage property to a material extent

-section 1 (c) the injury or damage complained of is directly referable to such physical attributes or habits.


what species are covered by the animal (Scotland) act 1987 as likely to injure or damage?

S1 (3)(a) dog and other wild animals are deemed as more likely (unless they are controlled or restrained) to injure severely or kill people or animals, by biting or otherwise savaging, attacking or harrying.


which animals are more likely to forage? i.e. damage land and/or property

(b) cattle, horses, asses, mules, hinnies, sheep, pigs, goats and deer,
shall be deemed to be likely (unless controlled or restrained) to damage to a material extent land or the produce of land, whether harvested or not.


Under the dangerous wild animals act 1976, S.7(4) what is the definition of a dangerous animal?

’dangerous wild animal’ means any animal of a kind for the time being specified in the first column of the Schedule to this Act
--Tasmanian devil, giant anteater, bears, walrus, elephants, aardvark, pronghorn, alligators and caimans, wandering spiders, buthid scorpions etc