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Name the four sentence types.

Simple, compound, complex and compound-complex


What is a Simple sentence? Give an example.

Simple sentences contain 1 subject and 1 verb, which makes an independent clause. e.g. Sam washed his face.


What is a Compound sentence? (3) Give an example.

A compound sentence contains two, or more, simple sentences, or independent clauses, joined in 3 possible ways
1. With either a CONJUGATION and a COMMA. e.g. Sam washed his face, AND he combed his hair.
2. Two simple sentences joined with a SEMI-COLON. TRANSITION and COMMA. e.g. I was late to work; THEREFORE, my boss is not happy.
3. Two closely related simple sentences joind with a SEMI-COLON only. e.g. Susan is very healathy; she usually walks to work.


What is a Complex sentence? Give an example.

A complex sentence contains an independent clause and at least 1 dependent clause (which can be placed at the beginning, middle or end of the sentence) joined with a CONNECTOR. e.g. Sam got dressed BECAUSE it was time for school.


What is a Compound-Complex sentence? (2)Give an example.

A compound complex sentence is when a second independent clause is added to a complex sentence of a dependent clause is added to a compound sentence. e.g. While Sam washed his face, Jenny cleaned her teeth, and burnt the toast.


What is the difference between an Independent clause and Dependent (subordinate) clause? Give an example of each.

The independent clause is the main clause and can stand alone as a sentence, e.g. I love reading. A dependent clause does not make sense on its own, e.g. because I love reading


What are the two classifications of sentences?

1. Function: The work they do in a sentence
2. Form: Their structure or arrangement of words.


What are the 4 functions of sentences? Give examples.

1. Statement, e.g. The cat sat on the mat.
2. Command, e.g. Sit on the mat, cat!
3. Exclamation, e.g. Wow! Look at that cat!
4. Question, e.g. Did the cat sit on the mat?


What are the two types of Conjuctions and their functions?

Conjuctions are joining words. Coordinating conjuctions join words, phrases or clauses of equal status, e.g. fish AND chips. Subordinating conjunctions join at least 1 dependent clause to independent clause, e.g. WHILE Sam whashed his face, we listened to music.


List the main coordinating conjunctions.

For, and, nor, but, or, yet, so (FANBOYS)


What is a Sentence?

A Sentence is a collection of words that is grammatically complete by itself and usually expresses a complete idea.


What features does a sentence typically contain?

A Sentence usually contains both subject and predicate (i.e. everything else but the subject)


What is a Predicate?

A predicate expresses what the subject does and includes a finite verb.


What is a Clause?

A Clause is a string of words that has a subject (evenif only implied) and a predicate that includes a finte verb.


Name the two types of Clauses and explain each. Give an example of each.

Independent (main, principal) Clause can stand along as a sentence. eg. I love reading.
Subordinate Clause does not make sense on its own. e.g. Because I love reading...


What does a Loose or a Periodic Sentence mean?

Loose places important information at the begining of a sentence, whilst Periodic places it at the end.