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Server configuration and hosting
In just minutes bring virtual machines–called instances–online


Amazon S3

Data storage and movement
AWS Simple Storage Services (S3) provides all the needed tools to store and move data around the globe using ‘buckets.’


Elastic Load Balancing

Scalable performance
ELB ensures that client requests are sent to the appropriate servers and avoiding any server hotspots (over-utilizing one server and underutilizing others)



CloudFront ensures that content is closer to the users and improves the user experience by delivering the content faster by serving the content from the AWS region closer to the end user


Elastic Block Store

AWS Elastic Block Storage provides persistent Block-level storage volumes for your EC2 instances with low latency. It also allows your system to access high speed SSD storage and layer your security with Access Control Lists and encryption.


Amazon Route 53

The AWS DNS service
Translate machine hosts and named application to IP addresses and back within your VPC and connect resources like web servers, S3 buckets, and elastic load balancers.



Monitor your AWS environment
Cloudwatch is the native monitoring service for resources and applications running in AWS.