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Any item ordered twice or more on a table should be grouped together, UNLESS…

there are specific modifications.


What are 6 questions you can ask yourself to provide astute service at a table?

Who is the HOSTS of this party?
Is TIME a consideration for the party?
What does the table expect of you PERSONALLY?
What MOOD is the party in?
Is BUDGET a consideration?
Does the guest tend toward an EXTREME?


What word should you think as you approach a table?



What's the first thing you should greet your table by saying?

"Good evening. Welcome to Broken Spanish."


Who's order should be taken first at the table?

Women first.


How do you answer the phone?

Thank you for calling Broken Spanish. This is ___________ how may I assist you?


Why do we never ask a guest if they have reservations?

So as not to make them feel less special than someone who already made a reservation. We want to increase our walk up business.


What reservation details are confirmed before ending a call?

Date, time, number in party, any special requests


Greet guests within how many seconds of approaching the host stand?

30 seconds


How do you greet guests entering the restaurant?

"Good evening Welcome to Broken Spanish"


What six words should you remember when greeting guests at the table?



How soon should you greet guess within being seated at the table?

One minute


What should you do you upon receiving a VIP slip?

Coordinate VIP treatments with the manager


What should you do if you cannot get to the table right away to greet them?

Inform your manager or find help to meet the standard.


When is it okay to interrupt or stop a conversation at the table?

Never. Always wait for an appropriate time to ask your question.


What should an opening and greet spiel sound like?

Something to the effect of "Good evening, welcome to broken Spanish. May I offer you a cocktail or a glass of wine to begin? In the meantime, feel free to look over the menu and let me know if there are any questions and I can return to offer some recommendations."


What should I our typical menu spiel sound like?

Something to the effect of "Our menu is based on classic homestyle Mexican cuisine and we focus on using the best quality ingredients possible. Our dishes lend themselves to sharing and many guests find that ordering a variety of items for the table is a good approach."


What should you say upon delivering the check?

Something to the effect of "Mr. Smith here's your check, please take your time."


What should you say upon returning the credit card authorization slip?

Something to the effect of "Thank you, Mr. Smith. I hope that everyone enjoys the rest of the evening and thank you for joining us."


Describe our water service.

We offer filtered water upon request. If I guess request water, set water glass on the table, then pour for the guest. Do not lift glasses off the table while pouring. We have bottled club soda/sparkling water available separately.


What is the order of glassware on the table arching from right to left?

Cocktail, water, sparkling, white wine/AP, burgundy, Bordeaux


Describe beer service at the table.

Pour the bottled beer into the glass at the table or on the tray. Tilting the glass on the table while pouring is also acceptable.


When is it okay to reach across the guest to clear a dish or glass?

Never. Clear empty glasses from the right of the guest. Clear from the left when necessary so as not to reach across the guest.


What should happen with uneaten courses?

Red flag! Make sure each guest has enjoyed their course. Bring uneaten courses to the attention of the manager.


If it is questionable if your table is finished enjoying their dish, check with the server or if you need to ask, say…

May I remove your plate? Or go in slowly to remove the plate and allow the guest to tell you they are still enjoying the dish.


What is the proper way to handle China, glass and silver?

Never touch items from the table where they come into contact with the food or the guest mouth. For example, never touch a glass within an inch of the rim, or pick up a fork by the times.


When should you start bussing the table for reset?

Tables need to be reset immediately after the guest departs. Do not start bussing the table if guests are still standing next to the table.


What does Botanas mean?

Snacks, akin to Tapas in Spain


What does Entradas mean?



How do you describe the Broken Spanish experience?

Bold, yet refined flavors.
Elements of long-established tradition.
Finished with a modern appeal.
Truly an Angeleno experience.
Like a warm hug from Grandmother.
Unique. Character. Beautiful.


What are our Principal Duties?

1. Hospitality (aka Guest Satisfaction)
2. Position and Service Mastery


What is the necessary mise-en-place for service?

1. Pens (click, unbranded)
2. Notepads
3. Wine key
4. Breath mints
5. Bank (as required)
6. Lighter


What is the front of house uniform?

Clean and pressed white collar, button down shirt.
Dark blue/Indigo jeans.
Black shoes.



One Team One Dream!!!

Remember to thank your team members at the end of the shift. Shake in, Shake out.


Never "hard sell". What should you do instead?

Make suggestions. Be a helpful, enthusiastic guide.



Time To Lean Time To Clean