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What type of breast cancer is the most common?

Invasive ductal cancer- 80%


What are the two types of breast cancer?

Lobular and Ductal Breast Cancer


When is a breast cancer classed as invasive?

When it has spread to the surrounding tissues


What are 5 RF for breast cancer?

- Genetics
- Radiation
- Age
- Early menarche
- Late menopause
- Not being pregnant or breast feeding
- Obesity, alcohol, tobacco and lack of exercise


What is the key plan behind breast screening?

Breast Screening is supposed to catch breast cancer early and subsequently reduce mortality from the disease


When are you asked to go for a breast screening?

At the age of 50-70 every 5 years. Eligible for an earlier screening however you need a higher than average risk of breast cancer


History of a breast lump:

- Sore?
- Lump?
- Dimpling of skin?
- Discharge?
- Systemic changes?
- Nipple inversion


What are the stages of breast cancer?

1. Ductal carcinoma in situ
2. Early breast cancer in nodes
3. Locally advanced breast cancer (nodes and metastases)


NICE breast cancer 2 week wait when?

- Aged 30 or over and has an unexplained breast lump without pain
- Aged 50 of over and has discharge, retraction other changes.


When is alendronic Acid given?

This is a bisphosphate that needs to be taken when stood up. The drink can have side effects of causing Gastro upset, skin ulceration and esophageal cancer.
Works by inhibiting the HMG- Co Reductase pathway


Name 3 SE of ADCal

Constipation, skin rash and hypercalciaemia