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Capable of being set right, correctable, reparable

The trend away from rehabilitative programming in prisons may indicate a decrease in the public's belief that inmates are corrigible

Corrigibility, a noun, is the capacity to be set straight

The Corrigibility of the damage to the train could only be determined after extensive inspection and testing

*incorrigible means not reformable, uncontrollable, recalcitrant



To approve of or to tolerate

The dean fully countenanced the addition of the new athletic complex, saying that a healthy body would only aid in the development of a healthy mind

Countenance can also be a noun, in which case it means mien, face, composure

The countenance of the woman in Dorothea Lange's famous photograph, "migrant mother, nipomo, California" is one of the most powerful and enduring images of the Great Depression; the woman's face communicates such fear and despair, and yet also strength, that it has become iconic



To deceive, beguile, hoodwink

The corrupt televangelist cozened millions of dollars out of his viewers by convincing them that he would perform miracles to make them all win the lottery



Contemptibly faint hearted, pusillanimous, lacking any courage

His craven cowardice in refusing to admit his mistake meant that a completely innocent person was punished



Tending to believe too readily; gullible

Nathan was so credulous that he believed us when we told him that Naugahyde comes from horse-like creatures called naugas, who eat plastic grass



A gradual increase in intensity, particularly in music

The crescendo of RSVPs seems to have passed, as we now are receiving only one or two replies per day



Deserving blame

Pat could hardly be thought culpable for spilling the cranberry juice on the floor, since he wasn't even in the room at the time

Culpability is blame worthiness



An attitude or quality of belief that all people are motivated by selfishness

Tricia's cynicism was matched only by her own selfishness; she believed no one else was altruistic because she was never herself

*someone who displays cynicism is called a cynic



To diminish the intensity or check something, such as a sound or feeling

Her hopes were damped when she checked the mailbox and there was still no letter for the fourth day in a row



To intimidate or dismay

At first, the protagonist of the fairy tale was daunted by the task given to him; he didn't know how he would ever sort the grains of wheat and barley until the ants arrived to help him

The adjective daunting means dismaying, disheartening

*dauntless means fearless, undaunted, intrepid



Complex or complicated

Cynthia's convoluted response to the question made her listeners think she was concealing something; it was as if she hoped they would forget the question as they tried to follow her answer