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1 IMPORTANT: The purpose of setting this appointment is to SET IT, not to SELL the product.

Hello, is this (Mr. Brown)?

narrative: no perfect system or solution to anything…what's the net?  better than good…I look at it what's my return on my investment. Some people, you'll disqualify. And then you'll meet some dynamite people. no idea who I am…

What's the reason you called in for the information? Are you looking to protect some money?

"they'll just launch in and tell you everything off the bat…" I'm taking notes quickly…someone not interested or doesn't show up…ok..I've got unlimited new stuff coming in.,,,none of that emotional baggage…

…Alright, so, here you are, 66, sounds like you've had an interesting life…sounds like you really…I hope you're still playing music…i love music…well, when you stop working in 2 to 3 years, or excuse me, stop the …

- “What’s your plan to _______ that ______?” A killer question you can swipe and deploy

During call: Ken Fisher? I just read an article about Ken Fisher, and frankly to ..I’m not a believer in one size fits all…no such thing as unbiased advice…doesn't matter who you're talking to….not disparaging anyone…just how it works…"

Safe, Secure Financial"…I have my own practice… I was almost starting from scratch again after long illness…

Hey, is this [Prospect]?
Hello Scott..
Hi this is [Agent].
How are you today sir?

(tuck this one away: and I totally understand that life and business all get in the way…)

It’s my understanding that you (called in from) heard one of our radio ads (or suchlike) and spoke to one of my assistants to request a copy of Wealth Beyond Wall Street. (ordered a book and wanted to get some information about ABOUT protecting money...and you had originally called in responded to our ad...I'd mentioned that in or ads, we talk about protecting people's money um ...those gains, tax advantages and (?) life... and you said sure...

(…is that what you were looking to achieve and what prompted you to call? , So, you've "told me already that you're retired…" …do you mind If I ask how old you are?

You should’ve received a package with the book in it. Did you get that? in the mail?

If They say No:

I’ll check with my assistant and send a book out right away. Can I verify your address again? (Then continue to the next line)

If they say Yes:

Ok, and I apologize, I don’t have a lot of time because I’m between meetings.


2 IMPORTANT: The purpose of setting this appointment is to SET IT, not to SELL the product.

The book covers...

The book covers a couple of powerful tools to grow your money, potentially double digits, and lock in your gains so you never lose when the stock market crashes, plus you’ll see how to reduce taxes dramatically which is a considerable expense for people now.

What does your week look like for a 10-15 minute phone conversation?

Hey, [Prospect] I work by calendar. I pretty much have appointments throughout the day. You have a calendar handy?

So.. [Thursday at 2:00] looks good for you? HMM. That’s trouble...I have an appointment at that time. I have a small opening at [5:00 for about 15 minutes], will that work for you?

Okay I’m putting it on my calendar for this [Thursday at 5:00]. I wonder... Could you also put it on your calendar... just so I know we’re both on the same page?

If you have any questions from reading the book, jot em down... and we can discuss them during our short conversation this [Thursday].

Talk to you this [Thursday].