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What did Raleigh want with the settlement of the Americas?

He wanted to make the natives serfs and he wanted to make profits i.e. he collected furs, metals, and tobacco to sell in Europe.


What did Wingina want with the English?

He wanted them as allies.


Who lead the Algonquins?



What expanded the economy in Europe before the colonization of the Americas?

Chinese technology, the rise of city-states, interactions with the middle east, and the crusades were all factors that contributed to Europe's economy.


What enriched the society of European countries before the colonization of the Americas?

Interactions with Muslims (the renaissance) and Atlantic coast explorers.


What changed the politics in Europe before the colonization of the Americas?

The formation of united realms and the rise of standing armies and navies shaped the politics of European countries.


Who financed Columbus's voyages?

Ferdinand and Isabella financed Columbus.


Why was Columbus funded?

Ferdinand and Isabella wanted new trade routes, profits, and new conquests after seeing how successful Portugal was.


Who were the Tainos?

The Tainos were Native Americans that Columbus treated poorly.


How did 90% of the Native Americans die after the introduction of old world countries?

Starvation, disease, warfare, and demoralization contributed to many deaths in Native American tribes.


What did the Spanish do to beat the Aztecs?

They made allies with smaller surrounding natives.


Why did Ponce de Leon first come to Florida?

He wanted to find slaves in Florida.


Why did Spain loose interest in the western plains?

Francisco Coronado was unable to find the golden city of Cibola. HOWEVER! He did find Shaggy Cows! <---- super important


What does the term "Frontiers of Intrusion" mean?

It basically means the the French and Spaniards didn't bring women to the new world and began to "hold hands" with the natives.


What is the oldest occupied European city in North America?

St. Augustine 1565


What gave the English the confidence to colonize the new world?

After the defeat of the Spanish Armada, England gained confidence because the Spanish monopoly was destroyed.