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For Game On, what will scoring be done in accordance to?

When will points be awarded?

When will no points be awarded?

What will cause disqualification?

What will cause teams to be ranked behind the others?

The game on rubric on the soinc website

Coding/ game play of the items

Items not be present in the game or inappropriate content

Using outside resources or accessing the Internet

Not addressing the theme


For Game On, what type of score wins?

How will ties be broken?

In what order?

What are the two resources?

High score

Comparing point totals in subsections

Game mechanics - Game play - User control - balanced play - overall impression/ originality

Game on DVD (GMD) and Game on Rubric


In Geologic Mapping, what will teams do (five sub topics)?

How many people are on a team?

What is the approximate time?

What are the specifics for the cheat sheet?

What six other items should the team bring?

Demonstrate an understanding in the construction and use of topographic maps, geologic maps, and cross sections, and their use in forming interpretations regarding subsurface structures and biohazard risk


50 min

Three ring binder- notebook sleeves permitted

Geologic compass, protector, ruler, non- programmable calculator, colored pencils, equal area projection stereonet with tracing paper and pin


In Geologic Mapping, how will points be awarded?

What type of score wins?

What will be used as a tie breakers?

What two resources can be used?

Questions will have a predetermined number of points

High score

Pre- identified questions

GeoLogic Mapping CD and the Bio/Earth CD (BECD)


For Game On, what will the team do?

How many people are on a team?

What is the time limit?

What three things should the team bring, and why?

What three things must the supervisor provide?

Design and build an original computer game incorporating the provided theme using the program Scratch.


50 min

Writing instrument, headset to assist in audio testing, and a microphone to assist in recording original audio

A computer capable of running scratch, a broad theme to create a game around, and scrap paper