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What was the plot of the hobbyist

Mr sangstorm wanted to poison his wife , so he asks for poison but instead he drinks it by his dealer


In the lottery why did mrs hutchingson want her daughter to draw in the lottery

To make sure she has a higher chance of living


Why are the towns people holding the lottery

It’s something that was embedded into their life even thought they don’t know why they do it


Is the happy life home heathy for families ?

No because it takes away from family connections since the kids spend a lot more time with the nursery instead of their parents


How does Lydia feels about the happy life home

She feels as if it’s robbing her role in the house as the house is fully automated and can do anything


How does the nursery work

Off the minds of the children (Peter and Wendy )


In lather that’s all
What reasons does the barber have to tremble and be upset?

He’s debating whether he should murder cpt Torres or only do his job


What type of conflict is just lather that’s all

Internal cuz of the barber


Why does travis make eckles Reach into the trex Mouth

To take out the bullets to make sure it Doesn’t mess with the future


What was the name of the guy the barber was cutting hair

Captain Torres


Who said
“But killing isn’t easy, you can’t take my word for it”

Cpt Torres