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What was triangular diplomacy?

Nixon attempted to develop friendly relations with the USSR and China and play the two off each other


When did Nixon visit China?

February 1972


When did Nixon and Mao publish the Shanghai Communique?

28th February 1972


What was included in the Shanghai Communique?

committed USA and China to a relationship of peaceful coexistence
planned to establish formal diplomatic links by 1976
pledged the 2 countries would work together to resist any country that sought to dominate south east Asia
committed USA and China to increase trade and cooperation


What impact did the Sino-USA relations have on the USSR?

caused anxiety in the soviet government
USSR divided it military force in two in order to fight o 2 fronts
Soviet leaders feared that China would persuade the US to abandon Détente


When was the Moscow summit?

May 1972


What was agreed at the Moscow summit?

Salt 1 and basic principles agreement


Who was president after Nixon and what was his attitude towards China?

tried to continue nixons relationship with China