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STRENGTH: Flexibility of SIT

-SIT incorporates a wide variety of of stress management techniques in the skills acquisition phase. This can be used w/ individuals, groups in various settings
- This means techniques can be tailored to specific needs of each individual
- Suggests that SIT is flexible so has potential to be an effective method of managing any form of stress


LIMITATION: SIT is a very demanding therapy

-Clients must make big commitments of time and effort and must be highly motivated. Training can be lengthy
-Applying SIT techniques to real life is especially challenging- it is difficult to use coping self statements when experiencing the anxiety of a stressful situation
-These demands and sense of failure mean some people don’t continue treatment making it unsuccessful in many cases


STRENGTH: Research support for SIT’s effectiveness

-Saunders meta analysis found SIT effective for reducing anxiety in performance situations and performance under stress
-Found SIT was as effective for people experiencing extreme anxiety as those with moderate/ low levels of anxiety
-These findings are especially useful as they show that SIT reduces stress-related anxiety and also leads to improvements in actual performance