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What language do you want to know fluently? Why?

Spanish. One of my favorite cultures. Would love to converse with my relatives in Peru


How would your parents have described you when you twelve?



If you had 30 seconds to speak to the United States as a whole, what would you say and why?

graduation rates --> student success


Explain the “C” on your transcript in this Biology class

I would attribute it to two factors:
1) study techniques. In high school, studying was never an issue because tests covered far less material than the typical two-midterm college course. As a freshman in college, I experimented with many different study techniques to fit my unique learning style. Through a lot of trial and error, I finally discovered that I absorb information best through the use of flashcards. Unfortunately, I did not make that discovery until the very end of freshman year. However, as soon I did, my grades immediately rebounded --> I received straight A’s in my next ten or so courses
2) my heart wasn’t in it. I did well in Biology in high school and had an interest in the pre-med program, but I quickly realized that it wasn’t for me. Although there were certainly topics in Microbiology that fascinated me, there were many aspects of the course that did not fit well with my interests or personality. For example, I was not interested in the heavy amount of lab work that was required. I found it to be very solitary and did not play well with my outgoing and collaborative nature. For many of these reasons, my heart simply wasn’t in it; it was not my passion


In reference to a company you are familiar with, what do you think keeps the CEO up at night?

Civitas – building awareness in order to solve a difficult problem


Do a SWOT analysis on Civitas

Robust data analytics
Strong management team

Intervention strategies

Adjacent markets

Increasing competition
Data privacy


Name a CEO / company outside your industry that you admire and explain why

My dad


What company do you follow that is not Google or Apple? What issues do you think keep the CEO up at night?

Declining ARPU


If you had 6 months to do whatever you wanted with your life: What country would you live in? What person would you want to shadow to learn from? What company would you like to work for?

Country: Bali
Person: Elon Musk
Company: Civitas


What questions do you have for me?

(1) iLabs: Can you please talk a little bit about some of the things you have seen since HBS launched i-Labs a few years ago and how that might impact my experience? Specifically, has HBS seen an increase in graduates going into entrepreneurship since launch?
(2) Involvement: From your experience, what do you think is the best way to get involved on campus? There is obviously a lot to do, so how do you advise students to prioritize their time?
(3) Startup Studio: Very exciting to read about the upcoming launch of NYC Startup Studio. Can you tell me a bit more about the goal of the studio and how you expect it to help entrepreneurs?
(4) HBX: I'm very curious to hear more about HBX and what the vision is for that particular initiative?
(5) Personal: what about HBS do you love most?


Tell me a joke

"Why do ghosts like to ride in elevators?"
Because it lifts their spirits

"Why did the frog