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What is SLT?

A way of explaining behaviour that includes both direct and indirect reinforcement, combining learning theory with the role of cognitive factors.


Main Assumptions:

- Learning occurs via experience
- Learning takes place in a social context: Observation & Imitation


Vicarious Reinforcement is a form...

Indirect Learning


What is VR?

Reinforcement occurs through via someone else being reinforced. The learner observes behaviour/consequences.
Imitation occurs if behaviour is rewarded (Reinforced)


What approach does SLT combine with?



What are mediataional processes?

mental (cognitive) factors are involved in learning and come between the stimulus and response.


The mediational processes are?

- Attention, Retention, Motor reproduction, Motivation


What is Identification?

People are much more likely to imitate the behaviour of people whom they identify with called role models. This process is called modeling


Bandura's Research P1 - PROCEDURE

LAB,36B/36G,America. Group 1 - Aggressive model Group 2 -non-aggressive model Control group - No model. Aggression arousal → No toys. Individually taken into a room containing Bobo doll and other toys.


Bandura Research P1 Findings

Children which observed aggressive model - more aggressive than other 2 groups. Group 1 imitated specific aggressive acts displayed by model. Boys imitated more physically aggressive acts than girls, no verbal difference in boys/girls


Bandura's Research P2

Three groups were exposed to an aggressive model, but saw different consequences of models. Group 1 model was praised, Group 2 model was punished and Group 3 No consequences.


Bandura’s Research P2 Findings

Group 1 showed the most aggression, followed by group 3 and group 2 was least aggressive. This shows imitation is more likely if model is positively reinforced - vicarious reinforcement.