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Why is a patient placed in left lateral recumbency to perform a pericardiocentesis?

Entering the chest wall and pericardial space from the right side (left recumbency) minimizes the risk of coronary arteries course on the epicardial surface of the left side of the heart


Which valve is least likely to be affected in a dog with bacterial endocarditis: aortic, pulmonic or mitral?



How long does it take for anti-erythrocyte abs to form when a dog receives an incompatible blood transfusion?

4-14 days


Which embryologic defect is likely if the lateral thoracic radiograph of a dog shows evidence of a persistent dorsal mesothelial remnant?

Peritoneopericardial diaphragmatic hernia


An overweight, mature, MN cat with an acute onset of pelvic limb lameness has no history of trauma. Radiographs reveal a unilateral femoral capital physeal fracture. The most likely underlying disorder is:

Feline capital physeal dysplasia


A 7-month old beagle has acute onset guarding of the neck suggesting cervical pain; generalized hyperesthesia and anorexia, which resolve within 24 hours of treatment of corticosteroids. What is the most likely dx?

Juvenile polyarteritis (beagle pain syndrome)


What is the main antidote for acetaminophen-induced methemoglobinemia in cats?

N-acetylcysteine (mucomyst). S-adenosyl methionine (SAMe) also may be strongly beneficial


Atherosclerosis in dogs has been associated with a deficiency of thus hormone

Thyroid hormone


70% of feline hyperT4 dz is uni- or bilateral?



During recovery from GA for a spay, you notice that your feline patient has signs of severe SQ emphysema. What was the likely cause?

Tracheal perforation
Likely during intubation, cuff inflation or venipuncture (jugular draw)


What is the oral abx of choice for tx toxoplasmosis in a cat?



At which site in the canine elbow does OCD most commonly occur?

Distomedial humeral trochlea


What are dermal sinuses and which breed of dog is strongly predisposed to having them?

Embryonic defects presenting as focal invaginations of the skin on the dorsal midline; the deepest ones are continuous with the subarchnoid space/spinal cords. They are also called pilondial cysts.
Almost exclusively in Rhodesian ridgebackes


In dogs but not cats, an enzyme in the corneal stroma converts glucose to sortibol causing diabetic dogs to be at risk for irreversible cataract formation. What is that enzyme?

Aldose reductase


A Siberian husky present with photophobia, blepharospasm, conjunctivits and skin lesions consisting of depigmentation, erythema and crusting of the dorsal muzzl, periorbital region, planum nasale and lips. What is the most likely diagnosis?

uveodermatologic syndrome
aka Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada-like syndrome


What are 2 examples of arrhythmias that commonly develop in dogs with DCM?

VPCs, Ventricular tachycardia, atrial fibrillation
asystole, sinus tachycardia


The most common clinical signs in dogs and cats with PSS reflect dysfcn of which body system secondary to poor liver function?

CNS signs


Which blood test is preferred for screening cats for FeLeuk and when the result is positive, which second test is used for confirmation?

Screening: ELISA snap test
Confirmation: IFA


What are the tx options for fibrosacroma in a dog?

surgical resection
radiation therapy


In canine patients with gallbladder mucoceles, what are the two most common clinical signs on PE?

abdominal pain


Soft-coated wheaten terriers have a familial predisposition for which renal disease?

Protein losing nephropathy


Cytology from a cutaneous draining tract in an adult hunting dog shows broad-based budding yeast forms. By which route was the disorder acquired?



A dog has a cervical salivary mucocele that requires excision, but the lesion hangs on the ventral midline of the neck. What is the easiest way to find on which side the mucocele is (ie which side to operate on)?

placement of dog in dorsal recumbency with make the mucocele roll or fall to the affected side


In a dog or cat, in which direction should the hindlimb be manipulated to minimize the risk of sciatic nerve damage when placing an intraosseous needle in the proximal femur?

The hindlimb is rotated internally and adducted, to widen access to the trochanteric fossa and reduce the risk of sciatic nerve damage


How is FIV most commonly transmitted?

bite wounds and scratches


What are the vector and causative organism of salmon poisoning in dogs?

Vector: Nanophyteus salmincola
organism: Neorickettsia helminothoeca


Cats with wet FIP typically have which type of abdominal effusion?

Exudate, ocassionally modified transudate


In a young, large breed dog, which type of congenital portsystemic shunt would you expect (based on signalment alone)?



In an 8 month old Yorkie with intermittent mental dullness, recent urethral obstruction caused by urate uroliths, and markedly prolonged anesthetic recovery, what is the most likely dx?

portosystemic shunt


Name 3 different tx that can be used for treating canine hyperadrenocorticism.

Mitotane (o,p'-DDD, Lysodren)
L-deprenyl (selegeline, Anipryl)
surgery (adrenalectomy if primary adrenal source; rarely hypophysectomy for pituitary-based disease)