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Clean - Bar Grip: 2 points

- Overhand Claw Grip
- Bar resting at mid thigh


Snatch - Bar Grip: 2 points

- Overhand Claw Grip
- Bar resting in hip crease


Oly - Start position: 10 points

- Bar over mid foot
- Shins close to bar
- Knees flexed and in front of bar
- Straight Back
- Chest up, Retracted Scaps
- Head up
- Straight arms facing along line of bar
- Hips higher than knees
- Shoulders slightly in front of bar
- Weight over mid foot


Oly - First Pull:

- Breathe in, Tighten up
- Drive the knees back
- Shoulders rise with hips to keep back flat and constant angle and tension the hamstrings
-End with knees back and just below the bar
-Bar in contact with thigh above knee
-Weight over back foot


Oly - Transition: 4 points

- Re-bend knees under bar
- Simultaneously bring torso upright into jumping position
- Weight over Midfoot
(Snatch) - bar at hip crease
(Clean) - bar at mid thigh


Oly - Second Pull:

- Triple extension (hip, knee, ankle)
- simultaneous shoulder shrug, shoulders to ears
- chest and head up
- Straight arms, facing along the line of the bar
- Weight over front foot


Clean - Catch:

- Bend elbows along line of the bar and rotate wrists to bring elbows under the bar
-Bar rests on anterior delts
-Clean palms dirty fingers
-Elbows fully flexed, upper arm parallel to floor
-Catch at bottom of front squat
-Drive up, leading with chest and heels down


Snatch - Catch:

- Drop under bar
-Arms fully extended overhead
-Catch in the bottom of an OHS
- Weight on back foot moves to mid foot
- Drive up, extending at hip and knee, and leading with the chest, heels down