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What are the benefits of educational experiences?

-Gaining new qualifications.
-New friends.
-New skills and abilities.
-Higher self-concept and self-esteem.
-More job opportunities in the future.
-Research and problem solving skills.
-Happier, motivated, valued and respected.


What are the social factors that affect our growth and development?

-Culture, beliefs and religion.


What are the physical effects of family?

-Influence on our diet.
-Can do activities like swimming or dancing together.
-Provide setting that meets physical needs.


What are the intellectual effects of family?

-Going on holidays.
-Motivate us to do better at school.
-Help each other financially and practically.


What are the emotional effects of family?

-Support, love and security.
-Emotional attachments.
-Higher self-concept.
-Primary social interaction.


What are the social effects of family?

-Communication skills.
-Less socially isolated.
-Hobbies and activities.
-Teach us socially accepted behaviour.


,What factors can cause family dysfunction?

-Poor housing conditions and poverty.
-Mental health.
-Neglect and abuse.
-Financial problems.
-Strict parenting.
-Arguments and inconsistent parenting.


What is the effect of parental divorce on a child?

-Feel unwanted.
-Higher risk for child to divorce in future.
-Harder to make relationships.
-Children scared to have fun.
-Feel like it is their fault, so can lead to drugs, crime etc.
-Low self-esteem.


What are the effects of sibling rivalry?

-Constant high expectations cause pressure and anxiety.
-Aggressive behaviour and constant conflicts.
-Could lead to bullying other children.


What are the 4 types of parenting styles?

-Uninvolved- parents not involved in child's life.
-Permissive- parent makes few demands and reluctant to make rules.
-Authoritative- not overly strict, but child respects authority.
-Authoritarian- very strict and high expectations.


What are the effects of bullying?

-Struggle to make friends.
-Depression and suicide.
-Struggle with school work.
-Low self-esteem.