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Describe the stages in the process of social change through minority influence

1) Drawing attention to an issue
2) Cognitive conflict
3)Consistency of position
4) The augmentation principle
5) The snowball effect


How do social norms interventions work?

They identify a widespread misperception of a risky behaviour within a target population. They then show the target population the actual norm, so that the recipients bring their behaviour more in line with that of their peers.


Give two evaluations of social change through minority influence

•Minority influence is latent rather than direct (creates potential for change rather than actual change)
•If viewed as deviant, influence of minorities is limited


Give two evaluations of the social norms approach

•Not always effective (eg in getting students to drink less)
•'Boomerang effect' can cause individuals who drink less, for example, to start drinking more


What 3 characteristics must minority influences adopt in order to be effective

•Consistency- makes others consider cause carefully
•Commitment- makes others take them more seriously
•Flexibility- must negotiate their postition with the majority


Describe Moscovici's study into minority influence

•Groups of 4 naive participants and 2 confederates
•Shown different shades of blue, confederates called them green (either consistently or inconsistently)
•Consistent minority influenced participants on 8% of trials, inconsistent minority had very little influence


Give one evaluation of minority influence

•Research support for flexibility- compromising shifts the views of the majority (only if it's late into negotiations, though)


How does locus of control affect our resistance to social influence?

•Internal LOC- what happens to them is due to their own effort, rely less on opinions of others
•External LOC- fatalistic attitude, less responsibility for their own actions, more likely to accept the influence of others


How does social support affect resistance to social influence?

•It breaks the unanimous position of the majority, means there are other ways of responding
•Having an ally makes an individual more confident in their decision, able to stand up to the majority


Describe one study into resisting conformity

•Introduction of an ally who gave the right answer caused conformity to drop from 33% (with unanimous majority) to just 5.5%


Give one evaluation of social support

•Rosenstrasse protest- Gestapo released Jews due to courage of the women


What is the agentic state, and why do people adopt it?

•When a person sees themselves as an agent for carrying out another persons wishes
•To maintain a positive self-image, where they can remain guilt-free whatever they do