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What are the four areas of alcohol legislation ?

- Minimum drinking age (LDA)
- Maximum blood alcohol concentration for drivers (BAC)
- Guidelines for sensible drinking
- Restrictions covering marketing, packaging and sale of alcohol


What is the minimum age for drinking alcohol ?

Depends on countries. Legislation does not cover drinking at home with parental permission and supervision.


Blood alcohol concentration limits ?

Varies from among countries from 0.0 mg/mL to 0.8 mg/mL (as penalties)


What is Sensible drinking guidelines ?

Standard drink or unit and advices for risk of harm behaviors. Unit varies among countries but is between 8g and 14g of pure ethanol.


Restrictions covering marketing, packaging and sale of alcohol ?

Codes and guidelines exists to ensure alcohol production, marketing and sale is socially responsible


Any health benefits to moderate drinking ?

Risk of death of cardiovascular disease may be reduce for 40+ men and post-menopause women.


Name situations of when not to drink.

- When driving a car
- When pregnant
- When on medication
- When having an history of mental illness
- When having an history of addiction


How about metabolism and alcohol processing ?

- Processing speed varies from among humans and absorption can be slowed down by food but alcohol has to be broken down by liver. Average speed is of 1 drink per hour.


What are possible consequence of drunk behavior ?

- Risk of injuries or accidents
- Risk of unsafe sex (STI) and unwanted pregnancy
- Risk of being robbed
- Risk of fights, arguments and relational problems
- Risk of gaining criminal record
- To the extreme, coma, brain damage , death


Health risks of regular heavy drinking ?

- Alcohol dependence
- Sexual difficulties
- Cirrhosis of the liver (and fatty liver)
- Stroke
- Pancreatitis
- Stomach disorders
- Cancer