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What is soldering

Soldering is a low temperature joining used for small electrical components using a low melting point lead free Solder.


What happens to the Iron during soldering

it rests on a stand for safety.


What happens to the Iron when it gets hot

When it is hot the tip of the Iron must be cleaned on a wet sponge and tinned (covered in the layer of solder).


What happens when the Soldering Iron gets hot

When the Soldering Iron beomes hot the Soldering Iron is kept in a place and Solder is applied, which flows around the joint, bonding the surface together.


How is Copper joined

By using a technique called Brazing


What is Brazing

Brazing gives a permanent joint, ideal for most metalworking projects in schools and colleges.


What does the extractor do when you are Brazing

It extracts any fumes.


What is a Flux

A Flux is powder mixed with water to produce a paste which is brushed along the joint.


Which is the hottest part of the flame when Brazing

The blue part.


What is used to contain the heat from the gas torch and protect workbenches

Fire bricks.


What do Firebricks do

They are also used to raise both pieces off the Firebrock surface so the gas can flow around the Steel


What happens to the Copper during Brazing

It is heated gently by the moving flame around the Steel, raising the temperature slowly.

The Copper ecpands slowly and the water in the Flux evaporates. The remaining Flux protects the metal from oxidation and allows the silver solder to flow into the joint.


What does a Silver Solder do

A Silver Solder allows joining of different parts using solders of increasing temperatures. Preventing previous joints from melting again.