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Motor vehicle used in drag racing in violation of s. 316.191, provided the
person charged is the owner of the vehicle and has prior conviction for racing within _________of the date of the offense.

5 years


It should be remembered that __ _____ forfeiture can occur at any time during the investigative process up until the disposition of the case.



________ is frequently used in felony transactions and is often proceeds of a
felony offense.

U.S. currency


When the seizure of property is the result of past activity and no probable cause presently exists to search, a _______will be needed prior to seizure.

seizure warrant


Provide a Notice of Seizure Form (TPD 62) to __________after filling out the form and obtaining the claimant’s signature. The claimant(s) will keep the yellow copy, the white copy will be returned to the Forfeiture Unit no later than the following day and the pink copy will be turned in with the original report to Records.

all possible claimants


The notice form will be provided to the claimant(s) at the time of seizure (if possible). If the copy is not given to all parties, you are to have it sent ________through the Evidence Control Section prior to the end of shift.

via certified mail


Notice of Seizure must be provided to the claimant(s) within ________

five days


If the person doing the impound is not the case agent, put the name of the case agent at the bottom of the ________of the impound report.

detail section


In the case of _________, frequently the suspect’s __________are the only way to
show that the currency was gained from or intended to be used illegally in
any felony offense.

1. currency
2. statements


If there is a doubt as to whether a person is an innocent owner, refer the case to the ________for a determination of innocent owner status.

Forfeiture Unit


The ______________will, after approval of the officer's report, cause a complete copy of the Incident Report (including any impound report) to be delivered to the Forfeiture Unit within ___________following
the seizure.

1. impound/seizure officer's supervisor
2. seven calendar days


Notify the ______ of forfeited property that can be utilized by the department for assignment of the property.

Assistant Chief of Investigations & Support


According to the Forfeiture training requirements, a standardized course of training for basic recruits and continuing education is implemented on _______ in accordance

an annual basis

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