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Special Investigations Unit (SIU) Mandate

SIU is legislated to investigate the circumstances of serious injury or death that MAY have resulted through criminal offences committed by a police officer.
The death or serious injury is in relation to a citizen, another police officer or other member of the Service.
The SIU mandate may be invoked for all deaths or serious
injury that occur in circumstances resulting directly from the action of one or more police officers, most commonly:
- in the course of making an arrest
- in the course of a suspect apprehension pursuit
- when the deceased was in police custody
- when the deceased was in the hospital following apprehension or police custody
- allegations of sexual assault while on duty.


Serious Injury when in reference to the SIU Mandate is:

- likely to interfere with the health or comfort of the injured party
- more than merely transient or trifling in nature
- resulting from sexual assault.


When can serious injury be presumed?

Serious injury shall initially be presumed when
the injured party is admitted to hospital,
suffers a fracture to a limb, rib, vertebrae or to the skull, suffers burns to a major portion of the body,
loses any portion of the body,
suffers loss of vision or hearing,
or alleges sexual assault.


The Chief’s SIU Designate assumes all the duties and powers of the Chief of Police in matters respecting an incident under investigation by the SIU.
The Chief of Police has authorized the following senior officers to act in this role:

- Uniform Senior Officer – authorized by the Chief of Police
- Duty Senior Officer – Toronto Police Operations Centre (TPOC)
- Unit Commander – Professional Standards (PRS) (for administrative investigations)


In cases where the SIU mandate may be invoked, the Supervisory Officer – TPOC shall be responsible for
immediately notifying the Chief’s SIU Designate and the Deputy Chief of Police (Deputy Chief) the Command
Who then in turn notifies the SIU?

The Chief’s SIU Designate, or in their absence, the Duty Senior Officer – TPOC (Duty Senior Officer), shall be
responsible for notifying the SIU directly.


In cases where the SIU mandate is invoked, the SIU or its agents shall collect all evidence.
What are two exceptions to this rule?

1. a lack of immediate action may jeopardize the evidence, or where
2. there is a potential hazard to the public,
such evidence will be collected and preserved by Service members


In cases where Service firearms are involved, pistols shall remain holstered until proven safe at a proving station,
in compliance with Procedure 15–04 and in the presence of ________ and _________.
The pistol may then be turned over to the SIU.

an SIU investigator
the Chief’s SIU Designate


The SIU has the authority to seize any , without warrant, that is relevant to an SIU investigation. Any other items can only be seized by consent or by search warrant.

police–issued equipment,


The Chief's Administrative Investigation to determine issues related to what?

policies of, or services provided by the Service, or the conduct of involved police officers


Do the exceptions provided to a subject officer with regard to providing notes or attending an interview listed under
the SIU criminal investigation apply to the Chief’s administrative investigation?



Which unit conducts the CAI for death in police custody - other than an officer-involved shooting?

SCI- Homicide


Which unit conducts the CAI for:
serious injury related to arrest/person in custody and officer-involved shooting where death or injury occurs?

Professional Standards


Which unit conducts the CAI for allegations of sexual assault?

SCI-Sex Crimes


Which unit conducts the CAI for suspect apprehension pursuit or officer-involved collision, where death or serious injury occurs?

Traffic Services


When shall, witness officers attend for an investigative interview with the SIU and shall answer all questions immediately, or within twenty four (24) hours if appropriate grounds for delay exist?

when advised in writing of their status and properly requested in person


Can the SIU interview with a witness officer by audio/video recording without their consent?



Who shall keep custody of original notes of subject and witness officers until the completion of the SIU investigation?

Original notes of subject and witness officers shall be kept in the custody of the officer’s unit commander until the
completion of the SIU investigation, subject to court requirements. The unit commander shall forward 1 copy of
the subject and witness officers’ notes to the Chief’s SIU Designate forthwith upon receipt.


Use of Force Report for SIU Investigations shall not be copied and the SIU can only view the report if who consents?

The original form may be made available to the SIU, for viewing only, with the consent of the subject officer.


Once the Chief's SIU Designate has copies of officer notes under what conditions shall they provide a copy of a WITNESS officers notes:

upon proper designation,
but no later than twenty four (24) hours after, except where permitted by the SIU.


Once the Chief's SIU Designate has copies of officer notes under what conditions shall they provide a copy of a SUBJECT officers notes:

Notes made by a designated subject officer in relation to the incident shall not be released from the Service
unless consent has been obtained from the subject officer.


When a supervisor is attending an incident where the SIU mandate may be invoked shall
 take charge of the scene and determine the roles (only) of the involved officers
 ensure the scene and all evidence is protected and preserved, including segregating the involved officers

and immediately notify who?

Immediately notify the Supervisory Officer – TPOC


When the OIC is notified of an incident where the SIU mandate may be invoked shall notify who?

Notify the unit commander of the units involved


When the SIU mandate is or may be invoked Duty Senior Officer TPOC shall
 attend the location of the incident
 determine details of the incident by consulting with supervisory officers
 provide details of the incident to the Chief’s SIU Designate forthwith
In the absence of the Chief’s SIU Designate shall assume those duties. What are those duties?

When authorized to act as the Chief’s SIU Designate shall
 accept service of documents from the SIU and cause service of these documents on members,
such as the “Letter of Designation”
 co–ordinate the release of all Service equipment and documents to the SIU and facilitate its
 co–ordinate the recovery of evidentiary material seized by the SIU