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Is there a definitive method for clinicians to determine if suicide will occur?

No, there is not.


What is the number one risk factor that is related to suicide?

Prior suicidal behavior


During the assessment of dangerousness, physicians must make and educated potential based upon what to assess the individuals ability to commit suicide?

Past behavior


The Tarasoff law states that physicians have a duty to protect when a patients discloses what?

Desire to harm or kill a third party


According to the Tarasoff law, a physician have a duty to do what, not the duty to warn?

Physicians have a duty to protect NOT to warn


What type of exploitation involves children under the age of 18 years old and may include showing pronography to a child, voyeurism of a child bathing or dressing, watching and obtaining child pornography?

Sexual exploitation


What type of neglect constitutes prolonged repeated lack of supervision or the failure to provide the essential of life including medical care, which endangers child's life or development or impairs functioning?

Serious physical neglect


The modus operandi of domestic abusers has to do with what two aspects of the relationship?

Power and Control


What stage of the cycle of abuse is associated with abuse episodes of slapping, pushing, hitting, biting, shoving, sexual abuse, and even murder?

Acute Incident


What stage of the cycle of abuse is associated with euphoric-like apologies and promises to never let it happen again, usually batterer makes promises that cannot be kept?

Honeymoon Phase


What stage of the cycle is associated with walking on egg shells, arguments erupt easily, and accusations?

Tension building


In domestic abuse, the victims hang on to the belief that what will someday return for good?

"The real person"


Shock/disbelief, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance are the five stages of what?



What type of disorder is associated with the presence of two or more distinct personality states or an experience of possession?

Dissociative Identity Disorder


What type of disorder is characterized by the inability to recall important auto biographical information that should be successfully stored in memory and ordinarily could be readily remembered? This is a reversible state.

Dissociative Amnesia


What disorder is associated with persistent episodes of depersonalization, derealization, or both? Patients may state, "I am no one" or "My thoughts do not feel like my own"

Depersonalization/Derealization Disorder