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1. When procuring construction services, what 3 methods may be used to determine how this will be done



2. What are the 3 main reasons for declaring a bid “irregular”?

1. Late bid
2. Signature and seal missing on bid form
3. Minor errors or omissions, where the errors or omissions do not affect price or a material impact on the bid


3. What is the intent of competitive bidding?

Intent of competitive bidding is to award the contract (contract b) to the bidder with the lowest price


4. What year did the Supreme Court of Canada rule on the law of competitive bidding?



5. What did the Supreme Court’s ruling create on the competitive bid process establish in regards to contracts?

Two separate contracts:
1. Contract A (the bidding contract)
2. Contract B (the construction contract)


6. What is a letter of intent?

A common document/letter used in the industry, but from a legal perspective this does not state an unconditional acceptance, depending on the wording of the letter. Should be used where significant issues are yet to be negotiated or there are conditions not yet formally agreed to.


7. How long is a typical acceptance period?

1 month, 3 months, or 1 year


8. What are the owner’s obligations under Contract A?

Implied duty to treat all bidders fairly. Law requires the Owner to disclose the rules and not vary from them. Duty of fairness as expressed by the bidding documents.


9. What is the default basis for awarding to a compliant bidder?

The default basis is the award will be given to the lowest compliant bidder.


10. Name 3 companies that offer services to place “Bid Calls”

Local construction association, Biddingo, MERX


11. What are 2 methods of bid solicitation?

Open (public), or Invitational


12. What CCDC form is used for “Contractor’s Qualification Statement”?



13. How are questions at a mandatory site visit that may change information in the bid documents usually answered?

The person is asks to write it down and submit it formally to them later, then addenda can be issued.


14. What happens if the clock used to timestamp the bids is faster than the actual time by 5 minutes and your bid is declared late/invalid because you were one minute late by that clock?

The bid will be considered non-compliant and returned, unopened.


15. What is a post tendered addendum used for?

It is used if the bids are not within the Owner’s budget and therefore they do not want to move to Contract B. Or when the owner wants to make a change after bids are received to lower the bids


16. Who would the prime consultant have a contract with?

The owner