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Treatment Integrity is AKA

procedural integrity, fidelity of implementation , program integrity


What is treatment integrity?

How the steps of the program are implemented


How can you tell if you're providing good services?

Clients are making significant progress, challenging bx are reduced


what are four ways to create procedural integrity?

Specify, train, monitor and reinforce


What do the ethics say about positive reinforcement and staff?

To use it as often as you can.


What are direct and indirect ways of measuring treatment integrity?

Direct- Observation
Indirect- Self Reports, questionarries, rating scales


How do you use competency based training for mediators?

Describe the skill, written description of the skills, Model, Roleplay, Observe, give feedback and repeat if needed


How do you provide feedback?

start with a positive statement
Identify skills performed correctly
ID skills performed incorrectly
specifiy how to change the incorrect skills
allow them to ask questions
describe what should be done next
end with a positive supportive statement


What goals do systematic performance monitoring achieve?

evaluates staff performance and program implementation

illustrates program's effect on individual target behavior


What are four ways to effectively monitor staff?

Inform them: when/why
Be friendly
Give feedback


What are choice measures?

a tool given to employees so they can evaluate how their employers are monitoring or supervising them. Involves items that they must choose from, rather than using a likert scale


What are some ways you can measure staff progress?

Time sampling, Evaluating Data collection, permanent product


What are some things to consider when authoring/overseeing a behavior support plan?

What resources are there?
Where are staff deployed?
How much can you supervise?
Staff absenteeism and turnover is a thing you cannot control


How do you ensure support with BSP?

get the guardian's input and support in creation
consider how the new skill will be reinforcing to the family
Will natural reinforcers maintain the behavior?
Get input from paraprofessionals
collaborate with other professionals


What are four parts of a behavior support plan?

behavior, antecedent, consequence and environmental setups (AKA setting events, proactive strategies, preventative procedures)


What does ethics say regarding documentation?

It needs to be ongoing! You need to be constantly assessing the current levels of the client. Your data needs to be consistent and durable!