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Old Fashioned

In build order:
Build in glass
Garnish: cherry and orange
Simple: bar spoon
Bitters: Ango 2 dashes
Bourbon: 2 oz
Stir in glass



In build order
Absinthe: spray in rocks glass
Garnish: lemon peel and set aside
In mix glass
Simple: bar spoon
Bitters: Peychauds 7 dashes
Beam Rye: 2 oz
Add cracked ice to glass and stir
Strain into Absinthe rinsed glass
Express lemon peel over top of drink, cover top



In build order
Cocci Sweet Vermouth: 1 oz
Campari: 1 oz
Gin: 1 oz
Add cracked ice, stir
Strain into rocks glass w/ fresh ice
Garnish: Orange peel



In build order:
Bitters: 2 dashes Angostura
Sweet Vermouth: 1 oz Cocchi
Rye: 2 oz
Cracked ice, stir
Strain into coupe
Garnish: brandied cherry


Dark and Stormy

In build order

Build in glass
Bitters: dash
Lime juice: bar spoon
Goslings: 2 oz
Blenheim's: to 3/4 of glass height
Add ice, stir


Standard Martini

In build order:
Orange bitters: dash
3/4 Dolin Dry
2oz Bombay or Plymouth

Stir in mixing glass with cracked ice
Pour into Martini glass
Twist garnish


Standard Dirty Martini

In build order:
3/4 olive juice
1/4 Dolin Dry
2 oz Titos or Bombay

Stir in mixing glass with cracked ice
Pour into Martini glass
Olive garnish


Vieux Carre

1 Rye
1 cognac
3/4 Dolin Rouge
1/4 Benefictine
Dash Ango
Dash Peychauds

Stir, served rocks, lemon twist, cherry



Build in glass
3/4 Amaretto
2 oz blended scotch
Add ice cubes
Orange twist


Moscow Mule

In small CHEATER tin:
1/2 lime (drop wedge/half in if back bar)
2oz vodka
Ice, shake

Leave in small tin, fill with ice, top with ginger

Garnish lime, wrap tin with napkin