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What are the two main subcultural theorists?

Cohen (status frustration)
Cloward and Ohlin (3 subcultures)


What is Cohen's idea of status frustration?

The working class can't acheive through legitimate means so are frustrated and turn to crime as an alternative way of gaining status


What are the three neighbourhoods described by Cloward and Ohlin?

Criminal subculture
Conflict subcultures
Retreatist subcultures


What is a criminal subculture?

A stable criminal culture where youths have acess to adult criminals who can train them and help them progress up the criminal career ladder


What is a conflict subculture?

There are high levels of social disorganisation which stop a stable criminal network from forming. Thee is a lot of gang violence


What is a retreatist culture?

People fail in both legitimate and illigitimate means so turn to drugs


What are the weaknesses of subcultural theory?

Ignore white collar crime
Draw subcultural boundaries too sharply and ignore how they can all act together