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What are the layers of the pericardium?

Fibrous layer
serous parietal layer- lines inner surface of fibrous layer
serous visceral layer- adheres directly to heart

pericardium cavity between the serous parietal and serous visceral layer


What is the purpose of the pericardium cavity?

Found between the serous parietal and serous visceral pericardium, it allows free movement of the heart


What does the pericardial cavity cover Superiorly?

ascending aorta
pulmonary trunk


What do the pericardial cavity surround posteriorly?

veins, pulmonary veins, SVC, IVC


What is the mesocardium?

Connects heart to posterior body wall
Dorsal mesocardium - connects all veins leaving heart
visceral mesocardium- connects the two major arteries leaving


Where is the oblique pericardial sinus?

created by dorsal mesocardium
Found on posterior heart between the pulmonary veins

Good place to stop blood flow during surgery


Transverse pericardial sinus location?

created between two mesocardia
posterior to ascending aorta and pulmonary trunk
anterior to SVC

great place for bacterial accumulation


What are the sides of the heart?

diaphragmatic surface
anterior - sternocostal
right pulmonary surface
left pulmonary surface


What is the superior limit of the heart?

pericardial cavity -2nd intercostal space
heart-3rd intercostal space
Contains-SVC,ascending aorta, pulmonary trunk


What is the left limit?

Lateral to sternum inferiorly, To midclavicular at T5,
Contains left ventricle and small portion of left atrium


where is the right limit?

adjacent to sternum
contains the Right Atrium


Where is the inferior border?

Xiphissternal joint (rest on diaphragm)
contains left ventricle and small portion of right ventricle


where is the posterior border?

Slightly off vertical plane, slightly rotated clockwise.
defined by valve rings


What does the anterior border contain?

Right ventricle, some left ventricle


how is heart heard from chest?

slight latteraly to the sternum.
Classic lub dub(lub -A/Vvalve closing)
Dub- semilunar valve closing


Where can the pulmonary valve is found an heard?

found - highest valve(third costal cartilage)
heard -left side of sternum, 2nd intercostal space


Where is the aortic valve found and heard?

found-below and right of Pulmonary valve, just below 3rd intercostal space.
Heard - Right side of sternum 2nd intercostal space


Where can the Mitral valve be found and heard?

Found- next to the lowest valve, adjacent to the 4th and 5th costal cartilage
heard- Apex of heart, left side of sternum fifth costal cartilage, mid clavicular line


Where can the tricuspid valve be found and heard?

Found -adjacent to fifth and sixth costal cartilage.
heard - left side of sternum above or below 6th costal cartilage


name the branches of the right coronary artery?

SA nodal branch
Right marginal branch
posterior interventricular artery
conus branch
A/V nodal artery


name the branches of of the left coronary artery?

Circumflex artery
left marginal artery
lateral (diagonal Branch )
anterior interventricular artery


What is the origin of the right coronary artery?

sinus of right aortic leaf


What is the orgin of the SA Nodal branch?

early branch of SA node
most often from coronary may branch from circumflex


What Does marginal branch supply?

goes along the right margin of heart,
supplies right ventricle muscles


Where is the posterior interventricular artery and what does it supply?

Posterior inferior surface of interventricular sulcus
supplie 25% of interventricular septum and parts of left and right ventricle


What are the branches of the left coronary artery?

Circumflex artery
marginal artery
lateral diagonal branch
Anterior interventricular artery


What is the origin of the AV nodal artery?

Right coronary or circumflex artery
projects superior from intraventricular sulcus


What does the anterior imtraventricular artery supply?

largest artery
75% of interventricular septum and conducting systems within the ventricles
includes named diagonal branch


What does the circumflex artery supply?

course within left cornary sulcus on posterior aspect of heart
supplies left ventricle via several posterior arteries


What does the marginal artery supply?

the edge of the left ventricle
arise from anterior ventricle artery, circumflex artery or directly from left coronal artery


What are the coronary veins?

Great cardiac vein
middle cardiac vein
small cardiac vein
coronary sinus
anterior cardiac vein