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What is a reportable and notifiable disease?

> reportable
- statutory requirement of the lab where a sample is confirmed to report disease
> notifiable
- statutory requirement to report a suspicion of a clinical case


Where do you report a suspicion of a notifiable of disease

local animal health office details from Animal plant and health agency


Should you report zoonotic disease in people humans?

- employers self employed and property owners have duty to report
- probably should anyway


How does import from European and outside Europe animals changed over time?

- more imports from further afield
- more exports to further afield than Europe too.


Outline reporting pathways

> OIE (world animal health organisation)
- collects and publishes official data on animal disease occourence
- notifiable disease list etc. Regularly updated
- diagnostic tests and disease control
- signed agreement with world trade organisation in case of race disputes
> public health England
- EMPRES : emergency prevention system
- food safety and food chain
- world hunger
- UN coordinators for health
- global health atlas
- GLEWS : global early warning system
- risk assessment and analysis
- independent source of scientific advice
- European agency
> ECDC (European centre disease prevention and control)
- human health infectious disease
- surveillance and early warning


Why may data collated by these organisations not be wholly reliable?

Lot relies on self reporting and good surveillance programmes which may be of different standards!!


What are the majority of these companies aimed at?

Protecting trade!! And maybe human health - animal health just a byproduct of this really


What is surveillance

Watching trends with a Threshold for action (intervention and disease management blends into this)

- systemisation continuous repeated measurement, collation, analysis, Internet and timely dissemination of animal health and welfare related data from defined populations

- used to describe health hazard occourence
- contributes to the planning, implementation and evacuation of risk mitigation actions