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meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.


3 pillars of sustainability

.1. Environmentally- sound decisions do not harm the environment or deplete natural resources.
2. Economically- viable decisions consider all costs, including long term environmental and societal costs.
3. Socially- equitable decisions reflect the needs of society and ensure the costs and benefits are shared equally by all groups.


what is an ecological footprint?

the average amount of land, water, and ocean required to provide that person (or group of people) with all the resources they consume.


how do we calculate the ecological footprint ?

.The Ecological Footprint of a person is calculated by considering all of the biological materials consumed and all of the carbon dioxide emissions generated by that person in a given year. All these materials and emissions are then individually translated into an equivalent number of global hectares.


What are the three factors we can affect to change our ecological footprint ?

Impact=population x affluence x technology


Why aren't we operating sustainably?

.we use non-renewable resources as if they were unlimited
we use resources like water and forests faster than natural systems can replenish them
we are polluting env. with toxins
human population growing despite earth's finite ability to feed us, sustain us, ad absorb our wastes.


What is earth's carrying capacity?

12 billion people, we'll reach in 2100 at our current rate,


what limits population growth?

resource supply and use (food, water, shelter)
but not all populations respond the same


what sort of behaviors go in to calculating an ecological footprint



how does the ecological footprint of the U.S. compare to other countries?



What are the characteristics of a HDC vs a LDC?



how does the global average ecological footprint compare to available natural resources?



how are the concepts of ecological footprint and sustainability related?