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What are several of the melodramatic features of Talk to Her?

- Opening sequence - Coincidence that Lydia and Alicia's comatose conditions are being foreshadowed.
- Marco and Benigno meeting in that theater
- Marco is a 'normative character representing incorporation into society'
- Failed romance is a key theme in T.T.H.
- 2 women in commas - Damsel in distress
- Alicia's accident and Benigno's suicide - Rain - Pathetic Fallacy
- Car scenes - Marco talks about failed romance
- Lydia's parents are of catholic faith - before second bullfight
- Alicia laid out on her bed - religious and angelic symbolism
- Benigno's suicide - Sacrificial act - He died with the pain of childbirth waking Alicia up so that she ultimately lived
- Shrinking lover - Impossible events
- Actions happen as a result of internal emotion - Lydia's bullfight, showing El Ninio as she goes into a comma deliberately