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Who supplies our tea? Where are they located?

Local purveyor Art of Tea in Monterey Park. They've been in business for 10 years and have 140 loose teas in their catalog.


What are all teas derived from?

Camellia Sinensis
(Camellia Sinensis sinensis or Camellia Sinensis asamica)


What determines a tea being either white, green, oolong, black, or pu-erh?

When the tea leaves are harvested and how they are processed.


What 6 teas will be offered at Broken Spanish?

1. Meyer Lemon iced tea (green + rooibos)
2. Aztec Spice (pu-erh)
3. Tridosha (herbal)
4. Houjicha (green)
5. Manzanilla (herbal)
6. Yerba maté (not a true tea)


Describe the Meyer Lemon iced tea.

A blend of green and Rooibos teas with a tincture infused citrus flavoring added.
It has a soft, smooth, silky mouth feel. And sweet, fruity, creamy, almost bubble gum aromas.
~20 mg caffeine/8 fl oz


Describe the Aztec Spice tea.

A Pu-erh tea ('poo-aRe' = fermented black tea) blend with organic cinnamon, chili flakes, cocoa nibs, safflower and honeybush. It starts smooth and bold and ends spicy; has a woodsy, mushroomy end notes from the probiotics added in order to make it a Pu-erh type tea. Good with a little milk, but then steep it for 2 min longer.
Medium caffeine content.
**the cocoa used in this product contains Soy


Describe the Tridosha tea.

An herbal tea (caffeine free) made from organic licorice root, fennel seed, mint, gingko and coriander. Complements the flavor of the Mexican food really well. Based on Ayurvedic principles, they customized this blend of select botanicals traditionally used to balance the three doshas.


Describe the Hojicha tea.

A green tea but darker because of the hand-roasted Japanese green tea leaves and stems; Steeps a mild, reddish brown liquor color with hints of caramel and a slightly toasted finish. This tea is best enjoyed during or just after a meal.
~30 mg caffeine/8 fl oz


Describe the Manzanilla tea.

Art of Tea's "Egyptian Chamomile" (caffeine free) it is sweet, calming, bright, and round. It can be steeped for a longer time without going bitter.


Describe the Yerba Maté.

Not a true tea, but related to the Holly family, hand-picked in the rainforest of Brazil, this naturally caffeinated botanical is an earthy delight with grassy high notes reminiscent of green tea and displays a lovely chestnut finish.
Low caffeine content but people can react differently because of the different alkaloids found in maté.


What is the name of our rep at Art of Tea?



Who is the owner of Art of Tea?

Steve Schwartz