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When do you best obtain blood and urine samples, before or after administrations of fluids and/or medication?

Pretreatment blood and urine samples should be obtained before administration of fluids or medication


Administering oral medications

Technicians should be adept at administering oral medications to animals and able to demonstrate techniques for pet owners


What is the reason for making a relief hole and when is it indicated?

A facilitative incision or a relief hole reduces skin tension and friction against the catheter; it is indicated in severely dehydrated patients and in patients with tough skin


What osmolality indicates administering it through a jugular vein?

Fluids or drugs that have an osmolality greater than 600 mOsm/L should be administered through a jugular vein


What can you do make the jugular vein more accessible for catheter placement?

Placement of a bag of fluids, a sandbag, or rolled towels under the neck helps to make the vessel more accessible for a jugular catheter placement


How do you measure the required length of a jugular catheter?

The required distance for a jugular catheter insertion is estimated by measuring the distance from the intended insertion site to the caudal edge of the triceps muscle


What is an extremely rapid way to administer a drug in an emergency?

In an emergency situation, such as during cardiopulmonary resuscitation, medications can be injected directly into the trachea because absorption of the drug by this route is extremely rapid


During venipuncture, which way should the bevel face, up or down?

For venipuncture, the needle should be inserted with the bevel facing upward


What are the most important aspects of any venipuncture?

The most important aspects of any venipuncture technique are proper restraint of the animal and proper distention and immobilization of the vessel


What is one of the best ways to assess pulmonary function?

One of the best ways to assess pulmonary function is through measurement of arterial blood gases


How is a canine urine sample most easily obtained?

Urine is most easily obtained from a dog by walking it outdoors and catching a voided midstream sample


Define cystocentesis.

Cystocentesis is the percutaneous aspiration of urine from the bladder


What should you do before withdrawing the needle when performing any paracentesis procedure?

Remove negative aspiration pressure on the plunger of the syringe before withdrawing the needle when performing any paracentesis procedure, such as a cystocentesis.


What is the most common reason for catheterizing a male cat?

The most common reason for catheterizing a male cat is to relieve a urethral obstruction.


What are some signs indicating pleural filling defects?

Pleural filling defects should be considered when the patient has tachypnea; short, shallow breaths; respiratory distress; open-mouth breathing; diminished breath sounds; and cyanosis