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How is a tagline different from a byline? Compare brand name, byline, and tagline for JELL-O

Brand name: JELL-O

Byline: Pudding and Pie Filling

Tagline: "There's always room for JELL-O"


What two things should your tagline communicate

Tagline should communicate:
Unique essence
Advantage of your brand

Not a whole bunch of things you think you do well


Why do you absolutely need to make sure you tagline is congruent with who you are?

If you tell people your one thing, and turn to be another, you instantly lose all credibility


Whats more important, clarity or cleverness with tagline?

Tagline should be clear, not necessarily clever


How can you make your tagline even more memorable?

Using an idiom such as "straighten up and dry right" for hair straightener rather than "Gives you straight hair"

Proper story
coined words


What are the three emotional cues that a well designed product must hit to succeed as identified by Don Norman?

Reflective (can tell stories about it)


What are the 5 segments to the wheel of consumer behaviour?

1. Consumers in marketplace
2. Consumers as individuals
3. Consumers as decision making
4. Consumers and subcultures
5. Consumers and culture


What are 3 factors influencing forgetting?

1. Decay
2. Interference
3. Part-list cursing effect (utilize interference process strategically such as comparative advertising)


What are the two types of interference?

Retroactive (new wipes out old)
Proactive (existing knowledge prevents new knowledge)


What are autobiographical memories?

These are memories from past, and highlights marketing power of nostalgia in retro brands


What are 3 ways to measure memory for marketing stimuli?

1. Recognition
-show ads then ask one at a time

2. Recall
-ask of what they have seen without being prompted

3. Starch test
Scoring on number of aspects of consumer familiarity with ad


In 2005 book, marcom gladwell said that focus groups aren't effective because we react too quick and without conscious thought, so what is better?

solicit consumers first impressions rather than getting them to think at length about why they buy

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