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Identify and describe the 3 effects of an explosion

1 Thermal= biggest but the least damage or effect
2 Blast pressure=most powerful, super hot gases
3 Fragmentation=breaks into fragment that propel away from center of detionation 5900 ft per sec


Identify the 4 components of an improvised Explosive Device (IED)

1 power source
2 initiator
3 explosive
4 switch
Most common way to initiate= Timed, victim operated, command


Identify a vehicle Borne improvised device (VBIED)
Whats common used

-A vehicle modified to conceal and deliver a large IED to a target with the purpose of inflicting mass casualties and catastrophic property damage,
-Homemade ammonium nitrate based and urea nitrate based explosive are the primary explosive used


Determine the feet LEO response to an improvised explosive device of a Pipe bomb, briefcase, car

1200 ft
1850 ft
1900 ft


What is death may occur by suffocation from pulmonary edema (hemorrhaging in the lungs) accompanied by heart failure (damage by the blast waves)

Primary Blast Injury


what is objects or debris propelled from the detonation point and the piece fractured from the intended target (rock, human bones, building material) usually larger does not reach the velocities of primary fragmentation, just as lethal i.e. Maglite pipe bomb

Secondary Fragmentation


The physiological damage caused by fragmentation or propelled debris high incident of casualties

Secondary blast injury

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