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Which tetracyclines are eliminated in urine?

Short acting such as oxytetracycline.


What active substances would be used to treat Lawsonia intracellularis?

Tylosin + Tiamulin (Pleuromutilin).


When would you use tylosin?

Sus dysentery,
Respiratory tract infections ( Sus, ru, poultry),
Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO),
Lawsonia intracellularis(Sus),
Acute respiratory distress syndrome ( in small animals).


What is the contraindication of using xylazine as an anaesthetic?

- Do not use in later stages of pregnancy.
- Do not use in animals with oesophageal obstruction, and torsion of stomach as m relaxant properties of drug appear to accentuate the effects of obstruction and because of possible vomiting.
- Do not use in animals with renal or hepatic failure, respiratory dysfunction, cardiac abnormalities, hypotension and/or shock; do not use in diabetics.
- Do not use in animals suffering of an urethral obstruction or a rupture of the bladder.
- Do not use in foals + calves younger than 2 weeks or in puppies + kittens younger than 6 weeks.


When would you use neomycin?

- Treatment of enteritis.
- Mastitis + Metritis.
- Dermatitis + UTI.
- Septicaemia.
- Eye + ear infections.


What are the side effects with combination of xylazine and ketamine?

- M. tension.
- Cardiac depression.
- Respiratory depression.
- Vomiting ( Cats).


Name the special things about Doxycycline.

- Excellent absorption.
- Excellent distribution IC + penetration of special barriers.


What do you use to treat R. Equi?



When do you use Gentamycin?

Respiratory tract infection, UTI, GI infection, Septicaemia, mastitis, metritis, Intramammary inflammation, dermatitis, against P. aeruginosa.


Side effects of Tetracyclines.

- Oral infection (Fe).
- GI disturbances (vomiting + diarrhoea).
- Dysbacteriosis.
- IV administration may cause hypocalcaemia, hypotension, shock + collapse.
- Tissue necrosis.
- Yellow discoloration of teeth in growing animals.
- Hepatotocivity, nephrotoxicity, photosensitivity.


In which cases do you use lincosamides?

Lincomycin: Respiratory tract infection, soft tissue infection, systemic infections, mastits, metritis, Sus dysentery, mycoplasmosis.
Clindamycin: oral cavity infection, dermatitis, abscesses, anal sacculitis, osteomyelitis, respiratory infection, toxoplasmosis.