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what happens in testicular torsion?

- torsion of spermatic cord in a congenitally abnormal testis (often maldescended)


what happens when testicular torsion goes untreated?

- testis undergoes irreversible infarction within few hours


what are the usual precipitants of testicular torsion?

- cycling
- straining
- lifting


what would be the usual history of a pt with testicular torsion?

- history of mild trauma to testis or previous attacks of pain in testis due to partial torsion
- sudden pain in groin and lower abdo
- often accompanied by vomiting


why do you get abdominal pain in torsion?

- nerve supply of testis is mainly from T10 sympathetic pathway


what would examination show?

- swollen testis
- painful to touch
- lying high in scrotum


what are the possible DDx?

- acute epididymitis
- torsion of a testicular appendage


how does torsion of a testicular appendage present?

- testis do not lie high in scrotum
- dark blue pealike swelling may be visible through scrotal skin