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Is flight permitted inside of a Prohibited Area?


Flight is prohibited unless authorization has been granted by the appropriate body


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What function do Prohibited Areas provide to the gov't or military?

Created for security or other reasons associated with national welfare

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Is flight permitted inside of a Restricted Area?

Yes, if not active

If the airspace is not active and has been released (granted authority) to ATC, a controller will allow an aircraft to operate within the airspace without a specific clearance to do so 

"Active" generally means that hazardous activities are taking place within the airspace

No, if active

ATC will issue a specific clearance to ensure the aircraft does not enter the Restricted Airspace


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What hazards do Restricted Areas pose to aircraft operating within its boundaries?

Artillery firing

Aerial gunning

Guided missiles

This is why you verify clearance into a Restricted Area if unsure of its active status

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Is flight permitted inside of a Military Operations Area (MOA)?


Both IFR and VFR traffic are permitted to enter a MOA​

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What does it mean for a Military Operations Area (MOA) to be "hot"?

A "hot" MOA means that IFR traffic may be cleared through if IFR separation can be provided between all aircraft within the area, both military and civilian

If separation cannot be maintained, a pilot should expect to be diverted around the area

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Flight into a MOA while operating under IFR is a regular occurrence, "hot" or "cold", but what about VFR traffic?

VFR traffic should exercise extreme caution while inside of a MOA

VFR traffic should request a traffic advisory from the controlling agency before entering

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Where are Warning Areas found in the United States?

3 NM outward from the coast of the United States


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What function do Warning Areas provide?

Warning Areas warn pilots of activity that may be hazardous to nonparticipating aircraft

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What do Alert Areas signify?

Alert Areas either contain a high volume of pilot training or an unusual type of flight activity

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Are pilots required to avoid a Controlled Firing Area (CFA)?


Any hazardous activity ("firing") is suspended as soon as a nonparticipating aircraft enters the area

This does not mean a pilot should dismiss exercising caution when operating inside of a CFA