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Is flight permitted inside of a Prohibited Area?


Flight is prohibited unless authorization has been granted by the appropriate body



What function do Prohibited Areas provide to the gov't or military?

Created for security or other reasons associated with national welfare


Is flight permitted inside of a Restricted Area?

Yes, if not active

If the airspace is not active and has been released (granted authority) to ATC, a controller will allow an aircraft to operate within the airspace without a specific clearance to do so 

"Active" generally means that hazardous activities are taking place within the airspace

No, if active

ATC will issue a specific clearance to ensure the aircraft does not enter the Restricted Airspace



What hazards do Restricted Areas pose to aircraft operating within its boundaries?

Artillery firing

Aerial gunning

Guided missiles

This is why you verify clearance into a Restricted Area if unsure of its active status


Is flight permitted inside of a Military Operations Area (MOA)?


Both IFR and VFR traffic are permitted to enter a MOA​


What does it mean for a Military Operations Area (MOA) to be "hot"?

A "hot" MOA means that IFR traffic may be cleared through if IFR separation can be provided between all aircraft within the area, both military and civilian

If separation cannot be maintained, a pilot should expect to be diverted around the area


Flight into a MOA while operating under IFR is a regular occurrence, "hot" or "cold", but what about VFR traffic?

VFR traffic should exercise extreme caution while inside of a MOA

VFR traffic should request a traffic advisory from the controlling agency before entering


Where are Warning Areas found in the United States?

3 NM outward from the coast of the United States



What function do Warning Areas provide?

Warning Areas warn pilots of activity that may be hazardous to nonparticipating aircraft


What do Alert Areas signify?

Alert Areas either contain a high volume of pilot training or an unusual type of flight activity


Are pilots required to avoid a Controlled Firing Area (CFA)?


Any hazardous activity ("firing") is suspended as soon as a nonparticipating aircraft enters the area

This does not mean a pilot should dismiss exercising caution when operating inside of a CFA