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Why were Americans able to warm up to imperialism?

America had always sought to expand the size of their nation.
The nations leaders thought the US should join the imperial powers of Europe and establish colonies overseas.


3 Reasons for American Imperialism

1. Desire for Military Strength (compete with other nations and build new ships)
2. Thirst for New Markets (overproduction we needed trade)
3. Belief in Cultural Superiority


Resources from Alaska

timber, oil, minerals


Hawaii: WHY

1. American planters accounted for 3/4
2. Native Hawaiians outnumbered
3. A tax was placed on Hawaiian sugar, so the American planters called for annexation
4. US military wanted a naval base


Yellow Journalism

the use of sensationalized and exaggerated reporting by newspapers or magazines to attract readers


USS Maine

A US warship that mysteriously exploded and sank in the harbor of Havana, Cuba, on February 15,1898
The americans were like "WOAHHHH step off cuba Spain!" beginning the Spanish american war


History of America and Cubas relationship

a. the US tried to purchase Cuba from the spanish... they rudely refused
b. The Cuban people revolted against the Spanish several times
c. American business entrepreneurs began to establish sugar cane plantations there


3 reasons why fighting in Cuba was difficult

1. we didnt have a large standing army, so we had to recruit and train men before going to cuba
2. Our commanding officers were civil war veterans who reminisced rather than trained
3. we didnt have equipment so men were sent to cuba in wool uniforms with antique rifles


Treaty of Paris (what it say, controversial?)

America got guam and puerto rico
the US bought the philippines for $20 million
spain freed cuba
there was lots of controversy since it made USA an imperialist power


Valerino Weyler

Spain sent Weyler to disburse the rebels and restore order in cuba. So he made concentration camps in order to " keep an eye on them to prevent them from aiding rebels"


Why did some americans support the spainish

business people wanted the US to intervene to protect their investment money and property by supporting the spainish


why did some americans support the cubans



Panama Canal creation and purpose

Purpose: an easier way to transport goods by boat from one side of the US to the other (in place of going all the way around South America)

bought panama from french
moved soft volcanic rock, cleared brush, drained swamps, fought disease, 5,600 workers died
total cost: $380 million


Roosevelt Corollary

An extension of the monroe doctrine, announced by teddy roosevelt in 1904, under which the US claimed the right to protect its economic interests by means of military in the affairs of western nations


Monroe Doctrine (how does it relate to the corollary)

The monroe doctrine demanded that all european countries needed to stay out of the affairs of latin american nations


dollar diplomacy

using a nations economic power to influence other countries

America: i will help you, but now i can do whatever i want in your country (ex: Nicaragua after a rebellion)


wilsons missionary diplomacy

the US had a moral responsibility to deny recognition to any latin american government it viewed as oppressive, UNDEMOCRATIC, or hostile to US interests


3 ways america achieved its foreign policy

1. expanded its access to foreign markets in order to ensure the continued growth of its economy
2. built a modern navy
3. exercised its international police power in order to ensure dominance in latin america


purpose of open door notes

messages sent to germany great britain france italy and japan asking the countries not to interfere with US trading rights in china


boxer rebellion

a 1900 rebellion in which members of a Chinese secret society sought to free their country of western influence


Platt amendment

the US insisted cuba add this to their new constitution, the amendment gave the US power to intervene in cuba, lowering cubas power


Importance of San Juan Hill and the Rough Riders

the rough riders won the battle at san juan hill which was a stratigcally important


US intervention in mexico provided a clear model of american imperialist attitudes PROVIDE 2 REASONS

Americans believed in:
1. Superiority of free-enterprise democracy
2. American gov't attempt to extend the reach of economic and political system even through armed intervention