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What is the cell cycle?

-Highly ordered sequence of events that take place in a cell, resulting in cell division and formation of two identical daughter cells.


What are the two main phases of the cell cycle?



What is interphase?

-Long periods of growth and normal working separate divisions.
-E.g. produces enzymes or hormones, and actively prepares for cell division.


What happens during interphase?

-DNA is replicated and checked for errors in nucleus.
-Protein synthesis occurs.
-Mitochondria grow and divide.
-Chloroplasts grow and divide.
-Normal metabolic processes occur.


What are the three stages of interphase?

-G1 phase.
-Synthesis phase.
-G2 phase.


What happens in the G1 phase?

-First growth phase.
-Proteins from which organelles are synthesised are produced and organelles replicated.
-Cell increases in size.


What happens in the synthesis phase?

-DNA is replicated in nucleus.


What happens in the G2 phase?

-Second growth phase.
-Cell size continues to increase.
-Energy stores are increased and duplicated DNA checked for errors.


What is the mitotic phase?

-Period of cell division.
-Involves mitosis and cytokinesis.


What is mitosis?

-Nucleus is divided


What is cytokinesis?

-Cytoplasm divides and two cells are produced.


What is the Go phase?

-When the cell leaves the cycle either temporarily or permanently due to:
-Differentiation- a cell that becomes specialised is no longer to divide.
-DNA damaged- cell is no longer able to divide.
-Too many body cells- too many cells can causes diseases like cancer.


What are checkpoints?

-Control mechanisms of the cell cycle.
-Monitor and verify whether each process has been accurate.


What is the G1 checkpoint?

-At the end of G1 and before entry to S phase.
-If cell satisfies requirements then it triggers DNA replication if not then enters Go.


What is the G2 checkpoint?

-At the end of G2 and before start of mitotic phase.
-Has to check whether DNA has been replicated without error, if it has then signals beginning of mitosis.


What is the spindle assembly checkpoint?

-Checkpoint in mitosis where all chromosomes should be attached to spindles and aligned.