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What is GNI?

Gross National Income- the total income of a country for a year


What is the number of people per doctor?

The ratio between the number of people in the country and the number of doctors.


What Is HDI?

Human Development Index- A method of measuring development where GDP per capita, life expectancy and adult literacy are combined to give an overview of how developed a country is


Benefits of HDI

Tells you about the level of healthcare, education and income in that country


Problems of measuring using HDI

Still an average figure, doesn’t tell you about the inequities within a country


Which development measures help to show the standard of healthcare in a country?

Death rate, infant morality rate, life expectancy and number of people per doctor


Problems of using access to safe water as a development measure

Doesn’t show levels of education in country or about the income


Problems of using GNI per head as a development measure

Doesn’t show all elements e.g. health and education


What does DTM stand for?

The Demographic Transition Model


Why can’t population pyramids always help us predict the future population structure of a country?

We can’t predict future birth rates or migration flows