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State the three Lady Runcie-Campbell quotes.

1. "They are our inferiors; they would be the first to admit it themselves... It is our duty to find an attitude to them, and all like them, which recognises the inferiority but not offensively"

2. "Who does the lady think she is, that she can order us about like dogs? But if we were dogs, she'd treat us better than what she does. Aren't the kennels at the big house bigger than our hut?"

3. "Her father the judge bequeathed to her a passion for justice... and a determination to see right done, even at the expense of rank or pride."


State the five Calum quotes.

1. "For Calum the tree-top was interest enough, in it he was as indigenous as a squirrel"

2. "Screaming in sympathy, heedless of the dangers of being shot, Calum flung himself upon the deer, clasped it round the neck and tried to comfort it."

3. "His arms dangled loose in macabre gestures. Though he smiled, he was dead."

4. "Calum, demoralised as always by hatred, had covered against the hut, hiding his face"

5. "They seemed to be plucking nuts of sunshine."


State the five Duror quotes.

1. "The overspreading tree of revulsion growing inside him; but he could not tell the force which made it grow"

2. "... as he [Duror] walked slowly but steadily along the pier road back into the village, he felt in the mood for murder, rape or suicide."

3. "The most evil presence of all"

4. "For many years his life had been stunted, misshapen, obscene and hideous; this misbegotten creature was its personification."

5. "But the hunchback in some dreadful way had become neccessary to him. His going therefore had to become a destruction, an agony, a crucifixion"


State the four class division quotes.

1. "We didn't treat them fairly"

2. "Human beings are more important than dogs"

3. "We could have perished in the storm for all she caed. Was that not murder?"

4. "Who does the lady think she is, that she orders us about like dogs. But if we were dogs she'd treat us better than what she does. Aren't the kennels at the big house bigger than the hut?"


State the three setting quotes.

1. "A destroyer steamed seawards."

2. "It was a good tree by the sea loch, with many cones and much sunshine; it was homely too, with rests among its topmost branches as comfortable as chairs."

3. "This wood had always been his stronghold and his sanctuary; there were many places secret to him where he had been able to fortify his sanity and hope."