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What did this activity lead to

Released gases that formed the early atmosphere and water vapour that condensed to form oceans


What is one theory of how life's was formed

The interaction between hydrocarbons, ammonia and lightning


What did plants and algae do

Produced the oxygen that is now in the atmosphere


What happens to most of the carbon from the carbon dioxide in the air

Gradually became locked up in sedimentary rocks as carbonates and fuels


What happens nowadays

The release of co2 by burning fossil fuels increases the level of co2 in the atmosphere


What is air

A mixture of gases with different boiling points and can be fractionally distilled to provide a source of raw materials


What was wegners theory

Continental drift
He believed the land Pangaea broke into smaller chunks which moved apart
He claimed these chunks were our modern day continents were slowly still drifting apart


Why wasn't he accepted for many years

Geologists said this was impossible
Wegner had used inaccurate data in his calculations


What happened during the earths first billion years

Intense volcanic activity