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How does an ECG work?

Potential differences between distant sites on the Body surface measurable by electrodes placed on the skin coupled to a sensitive recording device (ECG)


What are the 3 standard limb leads?

Lead 1 : Right arm (RA) -ve to Left arm (LA)+ve
Lead 2: RA-ve - LL+ve
Lead 3 : LA-ve - LL+ve


What are the 3 augmented limb leads?

-augmented voltage right
-augmented voltage left
-augmented voltage foot


How many chest leads are there ?



How do you calculate heart rate?

300/number of large squares between beats


What is the ECG Rhythm strip?

-prolonged recording of one lead (usually standard limb lead 2) - this allows you to detect rhythm disturbance


Where is the rhythm strip on the paper?

Bottom of the page


Why are 12 leads needed?

-Determine the axis of the heart in thorax
-Look for any ST segment or T wave changes in relation to specific regions of the heart. This is curtail e.g. in diagnosing Ischaemic Heart Disease
-Look for any voltage criteria changes. This is curtail e.g. in diagnosing chamber hypertrophy


What 3 significant disease cannot be identified by a resting ECG?

-myocardial infarction
-intermittent rhythm disturbance
-stable angina