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What can obesity lead to

May cause an increased risk of HBP and type 2 diabetes which may lead to an increased risk of CHD


How does obesity effect health

Heart disease
Developing type 2 diabetes
Some cancers such as breast
Strain on joints such as hip,knee


What is obesity

When a person becomes 20% over their ideal body weight


How to reduce weight sensibly

Use up excess fat stores
Daily food intake must be reduced so that excess body fat is used for energy over a period of time


How does HBP affect health

Is the pressure of the arteries these are the tubes that carry your blood from your heart to your brain and the rest of the body


What is HBP

Caused by arteries becoming damaged due to:
Fatty deposits called cholesterol building up in the artery walls
Too much salt which makes your heart work harder to pump blood around the body


How does HBP affect health

Increase blood pressure can put strain on the heart which can lead to heart disease
Cause small arteries inside the brain to burst leading to a stroke


What is CHD

Results when arteries that carry blood from the heart become narrowed with a gradual build up fatty material called cholesterol


How does CHD affect health

Narrowed arteries may struggle to deliver enough oxygen rich blood to the heart the heart is starved of oxygen which can lead to angina know as chest pains
If a piece of cholesterol breaks off it may cause a blood clot to form and block the arteries
If blockage is closed to the heart a heart attack may result if blockage is closed near the brain a stroke may occur


Diet related diesease of CHD

High intake of sugar,salt, total fat content, alcohol, saturated fat intake
Low intake of fruit and veg, fibre, polyunsaturated fats


Lifestyle causes of CHD

Smoking, age, family history, family income, lack of regular exercise, lifestyle


What is diabetes

During digestion food is broken down into glucose and used for energy
The pancreas an organ lies near stuns he makes a hormone called insulin to help glucose get into the cells of our bodies
When you have diabetes your body either doesn't make enough insulin or can't use its insulin as well as it should
This causes sugar to rise up in the blood


Explain type 1 diabetes

Pancreas is unable to produce any insulin
Usually starts at childhood or young adulthood
Is treated with insulin injections and diet control
Hereditary factory play a role in the development of this type of diabetes


Explain type 2 diabetes

Not enough insulin is produced or the insulin that is made by the body doesn't work properly
Affects people as they age, but is now developing in young children teenagers and obese and overweight people due to poor diet
Usually treated with a healthy diet which included TCC foods


How does diabetes affect health

Heart disease
kidney failure
Circulation problems which may result in amputation of one or both legs


What is osteoporosis

Means porous bones sand is also known as brittle bone disease
In osteoporosis bones lose some calcium


What is osteomalacia

Results when due to lack of vit d calcium and phosphorus adults bones become brittle


How does osteoporosis affect health

Bones become thinner and weaker which makes them liable to break
Some people experience backache of notice they are getting shorter and developing a stoop due to the spine bones weakening


2 plant sources vit a

Beta carotene- tomatoes, carrots


2 Animal sources vit a

Retinol- liver, eggs


Name four sources of calcium

Milk,nuts, seeds, cheese


Name 2 foods rich in iron

Cocoa, green leafy greens


Which dietary goal supplies antioxidant vits

Fruit and veg


Which dietary goals do we need to increase

Fruit and veg fibre oily fish


What is meant by a balanced diet

Provides all the essential nutrients in the correct proportion and quantities to meet our needs include a variety of food which will provide as with all the essential nutrients provide the right amount of energy water and NSP:dietary fibre


What is a food allergy

Occur when the bodies immune system react strongly to a particular substance


Which foods cause allergies

Soya peanut shell fish eggs are the most common some food colours and preservatives cause hyperactivity in children


How is health affected by food allergies

Mild reaction can include headaches as my skin irritations sickness and diarrhoea severe reaction can cause breathing difficulties and lead to anaphylactic shock this can happen to some people within seconds of eating


What is a gluten intolerance

People who are sensitive to gluten the protein substance found in wheat rye oats and barley food products develop Coeliac disease


How is health affected by a gluten intolerance

The lining of the in testing is damaged by the gluten and this prevents nutrients being absorbed children don't grow properly and adults often have anaemia weight-loss and diarrhoea


What can I help with a gluten intolerance

There is a large range of gluten-free products available in supermarkets when you see the cross the green symbol on packaging it tells you that food is gluten-free


What is a lactose intolerance

People with lactose intolerance cannot adjust the milk sugar called lactose


How is health affected by a lactose intolerance

They may suffer cramps feeling sick swollen abdominal and diarrhoea after drinking cows milk


What can I help with a lactose intolerance

Using products are made from soya milk and other lactose free products


Explain five ways of implementing good oral hygiene

Floss your teeth use fluoride toothpaste when brushing teeth brush for a maximum of two minutes visit the dentist regularly after consuming sugary foods brush your teeth


What are the causes of tooth decay

Hi sugar intake not enough calcium phosphorus and vitamin di not enough vitamin c eaten too much salt/sodium


How to practically prevent tooth decay

Foods that contain vitamin see will help you keep gums healthy. Eating too much salt/sodium will lead to a loss of calcium which will be weaken the teeth. Good food sources of calcium vitamin di and phosphorus must be eaten to give the teeth their hardness.Cut down on sugary food and drinks especially between meals as the sugar stays on the teeth


How do you dental caries tooth decay start

Foods containing a high amount of sugar are reduced to add very sticky film when they are chewed and mixed with saliva even after swallowing sugary particles called plaque are left sticking to the teeth
Bacteria which are normally present in the mouth attack the plaque and change it to acid the acid gradually eats away at the enamel on the teeth and the key will start


How to reduce the risk of cancer

Don't drink too much alcohol
Don't smoke
Take part in regular physical activity
Avoid becoming obese
Consume a balanced diet which includes many fruit and veg and moderate amounts of red and processed meat


List three factors which can lead to bowel cancer

I diet high in fat
A diet high in red meat
I diet low in fibre
I diet low in fruit and veg


What has been linked to bowel cancer

High alcohol consumption
Lack of exercise


What is diverticular disease

Extra strain is put on the muscular walls of the small intestine because of constipation then diverticular disease may develop
If the faeces are small and hard do you to lack of fibre and water then the muscular walls of the intestine have to work harder to move the faeces along
The increased pressure required to push the waste along the intestines causes the muscular tissue to weaken and pouches to form
If the pouches become infected it is very painful


How does constipation affect your health

Faeces become hard and difficult to remove from the body
Constipation is usually caused by a lack of fibre and water in the diet


What is haemoglobin

Haemoglobin that blood cells which causes the red colour in blood and carries oxygen to all parts of the body to be used for energy


What are two symptoms of iron deficiency anaemia

Wings may take longer to heal
You may have less resistance to infection and you may feel the cold more


List some ways that anaemia is caused

Snacking and grazing throughout the day instead of traditional meals could mean you don't have enough iron intake
Less red meat may be eaten
High intake of fibre are phytic acid which prevents iron absorption
Low intake of foods rich in vitamin see to help absorption of iron
Not eaten a good sources of iron rich foods such as red meat. Eggs pulses vegetables and dried fruit


What is anaemia

A shortage of iron is one cause of anaemia
Are you in formed haemoglobin in red blood cells causes the right colour in blood and carries oxygen to all parts of the body to be used for energy
If you become short of iron there will not be enough haemoglobin in the blood to carry oxygen around the body


What are diet related diseases of osteoporosis

LA high salt intake will cars calcium lost my bones
A decrease in exercise which causes bones to become weak and thin
Nicotine causes bone loss
High intake of Phytic acid. Could hinder the absorption of calcium
Not enough food rich in calcium this will not allow the correct form and maintenance of strong bones to achieve a peak in bone loss to help prevent osteoporosis in later life
Not enough food containing calcium and phosphorus this allows bones to become weak as calcium phosphate is not made
A high intake of saturated fat may lead to pure calcium absorption increasing the risk of osteoporosis
Not enough vitamin di decrease in the absorption of calcium which doesn't allow Bournemouth to reach its peak


Other than diet explain to different factors which may contribute to obesity

Lack of regular exercise
Family income


What role does omega three play in CHD

Helps to did use the risk of blood clot's


Why is it a good idea to introduce new foods gradually to babies

Introduce new foods gradually with different textures and flavours to encourage a liking for a variety of foods and to alert parents of any possible allergic reactions