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Who were the four main contenders for power following Lenin’s death in 1924?

Zinoviev (and Kamenev), Bukharin, Trotsky and Stalin


Who was the front runner to replace Lenin?



What was Zinoviev’s claim to power?

- Lenin’s closest friend

- Had been part of the Bolshevik movement since its inception in 1903


Who were the members of the triumvirate?

Stalin, Zinoviev and Kamenev


What did the triumvirate do?

- They persuaded the Central Committee to ignore Lenin’s last testament which contained an order to sack Stalin immediately (following the syphilitic whore incident)

- They organised a series of speeches marking out the differences between Trotskyism and Leninism, which undermined Trotsky’s claim to power


What years was the Triumvirate active between?



Who was in the Duumvirate?

Bukharin and Stalin


What years was the Duumvirate active between?



Where was Bukharin’s support rooted?

Junior members of the Politburo


What was Bukharin’s claim to power?

- He had been a member of the Bolshevik movement since 1906

- Lenin and Bukharin shared a “father-and-son” style relationship

- Lenin had given Bukharin very important jobs in his lifetime, including editor of Pravda


What arguments were used against Bukharin’s claims to the leadership?

- He had argued against the Decree of Peace

- He had argued against the introduction of the NEP

- He was the youngest contender so was arguably too inexperienced


What was Stalin’s claim to power?

- He had been a member of the Bolshevik movement since its inception in 1903

- He had been loyal to Lenin (any disloyalty had been covered up)

- Lenin had supported his promotion to the position of General Secretary in 1921


What was “Socialism in One Country”?

- Idea first argued by Stalin and Bukharin in 1924

- No global revolution was needed, Russia could build socialism alone

- Stalin used Trotsky, Zinoviev and Kamenev’s protestations to show they weren’t true Leninists


When did Stalin announce his intention to drop the NEP? What was his justification?

- 1928

- He argued that Lenin had said that the NEP would “last a long time but not forever” meaning he had always intended to drop it in favour of something more radical

-Bukharin’s insistence on the NEP made him Trotskyist, not Leninist


What did Stalin propose swapping the NEP with?

Collectivisation and industrialisation


How did Stalin erode the authority of his opponents?

- Establishing a new ideological orthodoxy

- Demanding they apologise to the Party every time they lost a vote at Party Congress

- Accusing his rivals of factionalism, a serious crime as it breached On Party Unity


When did Stalin initiate the Lenin enrolment?

May 1924


How many people joined the party during the Lenin enrolment?



What kind of people joined the Party during the Lenin enrolment?

- Poorly educated, in need of money

- Loyal to Stalin for allowing them to join


What Stalin’s “approved list”?

A list of potential delegates that soviets were encouraged to send to Party Congress


What proportion of delegates at the 1923 Party Congress were from Stalin’s approved list?



What positions did Stalin hold within the Party? What did these allow him to do?

- General Secretary, giving him the authority to fill high up positions

- Head of the Central Control Commission and the Rabkrin which allowed him to investigate and sack Party members as well as promote members