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Who is the emigre by?

Carol rumens


What is this poem about?

City in a country she left as a child, positive veiw


What does the poet end each stanza with to reinforce the city in a positive light?



what quote shows the country to be invaded and speakers positive veiw isn’t accurate?

‘May be at war, it may be sick with tyrants’


Explain the quote ‘ it may be at war, it may be sick with tyrants’

Personification, shows country is innocent and not to blame only tyrants


Give a quote that shows the speakers view can not change about the city

‘I am branded by an impression of sunlight’


What type of language is used in the quote ‘ I am branded by an impression of sunlight’?

Juxtaposition, ‘branded’ contrasts with positive word ‘sunlight’ suggests her view can not be changed


What connotations of ‘branded’?

Sense of always being a part of her. Shows permanent, negative connotations contrasts with old memories


What quote shows another sense(taste) increasing the vividness of the experience?

‘It tastes of sunlight’


What other poems does this link to?

‘Kamikaze’ or ‘london’