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What did MURDOCK saw was the family ideal family type?

Nuclear family


What did MURDOCK not include of his definition of the family?

Doesn't include LGBT families
Doesn't include divorce


What was the Nayar?

Wives don't live with their husbands
Women have several visiting husbands


What were Matrifocal families?

Female-headed families


What were the problems with MURDOCK'S definition of the family?

-Husbands and wife do not always cohabit
-Lack of agreement on approved relationships
-Lesbian/ gay and matrifocal families do not conform
-Child-free couples can be seen as a family


What were MURDOCK'S 4 functions of the family?

Sexual function: limiting sexuality to monogamous relationships
Reproductive function: family ensures reproduction of a new generation
Economic function: family acts as an economic unit
Educational function: family provides stable environments where children can be socialized


What were PARSON'S 2 'basic and irreducible' functions of the family?

1. Primary socialization

2. Stabilization of adult personalities: stress of work for husband counterbalanced by warmth and security offered by nuclear family


What were PARSON reasons for the changing structure of the family?

1. Industry required geographically mobile workforce
Difficult with extended family

2. Socially mobile workforce necessary
Status ascribed in extended families
If son did better job= higher achieved status
Nuclear family solves problem


What are some of the criticisms of functionalism?

-Outdates and overly optimistic
-Many societies don't have traditional families

Feminists: male breadwinner is patriarchal and sexist
Post-modernists: many viable alternatives to nuclear family


What do Marxists argue the nuclear family performs?

-Performs ideological functions for capitalism
-Family acts as a unit of consumption
-Wealthy pass down wealth to children


What was Marxists ENGLES perspective on the family?

Family developed so men could be certain of paternity of children
-Marriage control women's sexuality

More confident that they were passing property down to biological offspring


What was Marxist ZARATSKY'S perspective on the family?

-Family is a prop to capitalist system

-Unpaid domestic labour of housewives supports future generations of workers for free

-Family consumes commodities helping bourgeoisie make profit


What was the Marxist POULANTZAS perspective on the family?

-Family is part of superstructure of society

-Part of ideological state apparatus controlled by bourgeoisie
*Used to create values, attitudes and beliefs which support capitalist system and position of ruling class


What are the criticisms of marxism?

Functionalists: ignores beneficial functions of family
Feminists: neglects exploitation of women
Post-modernists: ignores variety of family types


What is Liberal feminism?

-Society controlled largely by men
-Believe changes have occurred
-No one benefits from inequalities in society
-Problem solved by gradual reform


What is Marxists feminism?

-Society is controlled by men and capitalists
-Men (specifically ruling-class) benefit from inequalities in society
-Men's financial power keeps women in their place


What is Radical feminism?

-See society as patriarchal
-Women are dominated by men due to biology
-Needs radical change to occur


What is Difference feminism?

Emphasizes women are not one single, united group but rather have a variety of interests


What did Radical feminist GREER say about the family?

Even in marriage today women remain subservient to their husbands.
Single women are happier than married


What are criticisms of feminism?

-Exaggerates extent of inequality
-Fails to acknowledge development in society
-Doesn't explain why women are exploited
-Fails to consider class, ethnicity


What do Radical feminists say about the family?

Family plays major role in maintaining oppression of women in patriarchal soecity


What do Marxist feminists say about the family?

Family benefits the capitalist system and in doing so exploits women.


What did Marxist feminist BENSTON say about the family?

Claims wives are used to produce rear cheap labour for employers.

-Childcare women provide is unpaid
-Help to maintain husbands as workers at no cost


What did Marxist feminist ANSLEY say about the family?

Wives suffer as result of frustration experienced by husbands in alienating work that they do for capitalists


What did Liberal feminist SOMERVILLE say about the family?

Women are still disadvantaged in families
Criticises radical/marxist feminists for not accepting some changes

-Women have more choice to marry
-Greater equality within marriage


What did Difference feminist NICHOLSON say about the family?

All family types should be accepted
Women better off outside traditional families


What did Difference feminist CALHOUN say about the family?

Women cannot be exploited by men in lesbian families
Increasing choice in family life


What is the New Right view on the family?

Traditional nuclear families are cornerstone of stability in society.


Why do the New Right favour traditional nuclear families?

-See them as encouraging self-reliance
Family members help each other rather than relying on the state

-Helps reduce state expenditure on welfare

-See families as encouraging shared moral values and believe they are best way to pass down mortality to children.


What did ABBOTT & WALLACE claim about Thatcher's policies?

Policies encouraged people to live outside traditional family.
Believed main emphasis was on saving money.