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What are the contents of the femoral triangle?

Lateral to medial
Femoral nerve
Femoral artery
Femoral vein
Femoral canal (contains deep lymph nodes and vessels)

Artery, vein and canal are contained within the femoral sheath
Empty space to allow distension of lymphatics and veins


How can we find the femoral artery?

inferior to the inguinal ligament
Mid-inguinal point - midway between the ASIS and pubis symphysis


The femoral triangle is a hollow region on the anterior thigh.
What are the borders of the femoral triangle?

Superior: inguinal ligament - acts as a flexor retinaculum
Medial: adductor longus
Lateral: medial border of sartorius
Roof: fascia Lara
Base: iliopsoas, pectineus, adductor longus


What are the borders of the femoral canal?

Anterior: inguinal ligament
Posterior: superior rami of the pubis and pectineal ligament
Medial: lacunar ligament
Lateral: medial surface of the femoral vein


How do we locate the femoral nerve?

Midpoint of the inguinal ligament
Half way between the ASIS and pubic tubercle
(This is a more lateral midpoint than the mid-inguinal point)


What are the motor and sensory functions of the femoral nerve?

Motor: quadriceps and hip flexors (pectineus, iliopsoas, sartorius)

Sensory: lateral cutaneous nerve of the thigh
Terminal cutaneous branch is the saphenous nerve (lateral aspect of leg)


What is the course of the femoral nerve?

Derived from the lumbosacral plexus (L2,L3 and L4)
Fibres pass through psoas major
Passes posteriorly to the inguinal ligament
Passes through the femoral triangle
Gives off branches to the hip and knee joints
Terminal branch is the saphenous nerve


Which nerves are involved in a fascia iliaca compartment block?

Femoral nerve
Lateral cutaneous nerve of the thigh


What are the contraindications to fascia iliaca compartment block?

Patient refusal
Known allergy to local anaesthetic
Previous femoral bypass surgery