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When was The Great Gatsby set ? And what was the period known as?

It explores life in the early- to mid-1920s. Politically speaking, this was a time of growth and prosperity, as well as a time of corruption. World War I, the first war of its kind anyone had ever known, had ended in 1919.

It is known as the Jazz Age


Who was the president during The Great Gatsby ?

Warren G. Harding


What did Harding do in his political power?

He enacted tax legislation that benefited the wealthy more so than any other group.

In addition, because of administrative policy decisions, industries such as agriculture, textiles, and certain types of mining suffered greatly, and as a result, cities grew as people moved to urban areas to make a living.


Why did Nick Carraway move to the East End ?

To make his fortune in the bond business


Commercialism effected people in the mid 1920’s how?

The commercial growth of the 1920s resulted in rampant materialism, such as that chronicled in The Great Gatsby.

As people began to have more money, they began to buy more. In turn, as people began to buy more, profits grew, more goods were manufactured, and people earned more money, thereby enabling the economic growth cycle.


When did world war 1 end ?



What happens in the book that reflects the ‘crisis’ of immigration in the 1920’s ?

Tom has an intense dislike for outsiders. Later, other characters, including Nick, refer negatively to immigrants who live in the community of West Egg.


What happened in 1927 in reference to immigration?

There was a law set that stopped the amount of immigrants allowed in a year


What political law was put forward regarding alcohol?

No liquor was allowed to be transported, sold or manufactured.


How is the liquor law relevant to The Great Gatsby ?

Gatsby and Mayor Wolfshiem ran a business manufacturing alcohol.

Because it was illegal, they made a lot of money from it.


What is significant about the Women’s attitudes in the 1920’s ? (Post world war 1)

Hint: relates to rebelling.

They cut their hair into bobs - a symbol for their masculine looks.

They dropped the traditional wear of corsets.

They fought for their jobs which they took on during War when the men went away to fight.

Women also smoked and drank openly - something unheard off.


What is significant about the Jazz-Age in its social expectations

Fitzgerald reinforces how the higher class (Tom, Daisy, Jordan) on the top of the ladder work hard to ensure no one else can climb it.


What is ‘New Money’ and ‘Old Money’

New money refers to people who have worked for their money and are relatively new to it.

Old money refers to people who have inhabited it and have most likely had it their whole life.


Where do people of New Money live ?

Live in West Egg.


Where do people with old money live ?

East Egg.